PS4 Pro Gives the Boost Sony Needs to Outsell Microsoft’s Xbox One S Console

Sony PlayStation 4

The race continues but in the past few months Microsoft managed to outsell PS4 console with its Xbox One machine. It lasted for three months or so but now Sony is back to the number one position.

Sony has always had the upper hand in this console generation. Microsoft made a couple of mistakes during the Xbox One announcement that made their rival popular. Besides, the exclusives on the Playstation console are always compelling when compared to Xbox making it the obvious choice for many. The recent announcement brought all Xbox One exclusives to Windows 10 PCs and confirmed that Microsoft is going to carve its own niche in the segment.

Sony PlayStation 4

Xbox One S, the newly launched slimmer and smaller console with HDR support allowed the company to experience credible success in the past few months. But, obviously it’s not the only reason that allowed them to be the best selling console of three consecutive months. The deals were simply too good to miss! At just $250 or so, people always received an extra controller and one game of their choice. Further sweetening the deal is the Battlefield 1, Minecraft or the Gears of War 4 bundles that compelled people to go for it.

According to NPD survey, Sony’s PS4 Pro console played a crucial role and pushed the company as the top selling console manufacturer. Microsoft meanwhile had some advantages yet its Xbox One console couldn’t compete with the Playstation 4 and the Pro edition. With the new console promising more graphical power, 4K and HDR support combined with tweaked games that looked great on UHD televisions, Black Friday shoppers opted for the Playstation console.

The internal competition is here to stay but good news, Microsoft in their statement confirmed that consoles were the top selling hardware during Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. “Ever since the Xbox One S was announced during the E3 2016 event in June, there has been a steady rise in sales and buyers are interested in owning the console that offers them great gaming experience. The total number of players online on Xbox Live during the last weekend of November was 40 percent higher than those during the same time last year,” commented Microsoft.

Xbox One S Console

NPD numbers state PS4 Pro won over Xbox One S last month but the Xbox Scorpio is heading to stores next year. Mid-life console refreshes are something new and we are to see how it fares among gamers. They are used to five or seven years cycles but now consoles are becoming more like PCs.

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