Google Hangouts Functions Better With New Update

Google Hangouts

Google has launched a Google Hangouts update that allows users add even those without a Google account to a Hangouts call.

Joining a video call on Hangouts will just be by a click as you will not be required to undergo the tedious process of creating a Google account. Google’s move follows Skype’s announcement of a similar feature last month and it’s seen as a competitive move. The announcement was made on Wednesday and rollout started thereafter.

The latest Hangouts update makes joining a video call just a click away. Users will now simply click on a link in an invitation to start a call with the sender. Patrick Wynn applauded the update on a blog post terming the move as the easiest way to join a video conference. Mr. Patrick, the product manager for Google for Work Product said users will neither have to fill in forms nor be required to have Google accounts anymore.

While it’s true you could add a person without a Google account to Hangouts before, it was never as simple as it will be with this update. Previously, you could add a non-Google member to Hangouts by calling their number. However, with the launch of this update you can add anyone not signed in to an audio or video call by just sending them a link. The company hopes the new improvement will be useful to businesses which hold frequent video meetings with external consultants, partners or clients. Google said the update will make it easy for these companies to interact with other parties in a controllable and secure work environment. Call management remains unchanged. This means security is adequately considered, the party sending the links retains full control over ejecting, adding and muting other members.

Updated Hangouts synchronizes with Google Calendar

The improved Hangouts works well with Google Calendar. You can now send your partner a calendar invite. For you to invite external guests to Hangouts, just send them a Google Calendar. Upon receiving the invitation, the recipient will have to do a simple task of clicking on the link embedded in the event description then fill in their name and there you have it! This means no one needs Google account again to participate in a video call or meeting. A simple invite to Hangouts is enough to join a one-to-one or multi-participant conversation.

Google Hangouts

Users have welcomed the move by Google to extend guest access to Hangouts users who use the service for business purposes. They perceive it as a proficient move that allows easy access to conferences. Mr. Wynn said, after pondering for a while Google unanimously agreed to make joining Hangouts conference as easy as walking into a meeting physically. The initiators just need to send links, without much ado, the recipients simply click on the link to join. Besides, the conversation is secured and controlled by the party initiating the meeting.

Video calls and meetings are emerging issues in the current business environment. These two features are gaining momentum with their cost-efficient and time-saving cutting edges. They are simple tools to address urgent issues in businesses. Moreover, parties can address these issues regardless of the geographical divide. Google has identified this niche and is already capitalizing on it. Also, Microsoft-owned Skype is in terms with Google in this. The company also launched a similar functionality last month allowing non-members to join Skype chat by just clicking on a link. Finally, Google has also launched a standalone Hangouts site. So you do not necessarily require to open your Gmail or Google+ to chat.

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