Google Hangouts vs. Facebook Messenger – A Face Off Between the Giants

Facebook Messenger

Both Facebook Messenger and Google Hangouts are mainstream applications for messaging.

They have both released some updates that could be game changers, so here is a face off between the two popular applications.

Platform Support

You must have a Facebook account in order to use the Messenger. The app can be used on mobile devices, but you cannot use it on the desktop, though there is an unofficial client for the desktop.

In order to access it, you need a Google + account and can use this account for multiple devices. It is browser based, so users can access it on mobile devices as well as on PCs. Android and Apple devices has a standalone application.

Price Compared

Google Hangouts as well as Messenger are free if you are on Wi Fi, but if you are using it on your phone without a Wi Fi connection, you will need a data plan.


Messenger has a lot of emoticons loaded in the application. There are also extensions available and several apps devoted to stickers, memes and so on. It is a social messaging app and includes entertainment features. Hangouts also come with a range of emoticons as well as stickers, both native and third party types.

Facebook Messenger

Important Features of Messenger

Facebook Messenger offers support for images as well as videos and files including GIFs. There are also group chatting features with an upper limit of 250 members. You can send location details; make audio calls as well as video calls. However, the latter feature is comparatively new and is available only in certain regions in case of Android as well as iOS platforms.

Top Features of Hangouts

It offers support for SMS and MMS as well as sending photos and GIFs. You can make audio and video calls and send location. Group calls are possible with a maximum of 10 users and group chatting with a maximum of 100 users. Chat can be synced across several devices. You can see whether your contact has read a message and see when they reply or type back. You can also go live using Hangouts on Air and get it recorded in a YouTube account.

Hangouts – The Good

Almost everyone has an account with Gmail and G+, so it makes sense to use Hangouts. It is a cross platform application and can synchronize all your chats in many devices. You can convert an audio call into a video one with ten members. You can make free calls to the US even while making a non-Hangout call.

Facebook Messenger – The Good

You can send messages to the contacts on your phone, even if they are not in your Facebook list of contacts. It is possible to send a message to a maximum of 150 people at a time. The user’s availability is also shown in messenger and you can turn the Notifications on or off as you please. Today, almost everyone has a Facebook account, so it makes sense to use this application for messaging and making free Internet calls.

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