Google Announces “Google Spaces”, another Social Networking App

Google Spaces

Google has given another try to the social networking service by launching a new app called the Spaces.

Google Spaces is an ingenious social service that gives remarkable authority over your messages and conversations. But the catch is that you need to know how to use it properly.

Last week saw Google announcing a bunch of new services, products and actions. These products included Allo, Duo, Assistant, Home, Daydream, Android N, and Instant Apps. All of them are hot under the collar apps. They are all Google’s versions of the products that are already out in the market from other tech companies. All the Google’s products are slated to be released sometime later this year. The only exclusive and currently available app from Google is the Google Spaces.

Advantages of using Spaces

Though nothing is perfect, still it looks like Spaces is offering better and precise services for certain definitive kinds of conversations. Moreover, the most important feature offered by Spaces has totally fallen between the cracks with the commentators and critics grumbling about yet another app for social service. But the fact is that the new Google Spaces is not like WhatsApp, Google+, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or any other social networking app. The ultimate goal of Spaces is to let you have your own space and not devote all your time to the online habitual. You can access Spaces whenever you want like every minute or once a month or even once a year if that is when you need it. There are no pros and cons of using this app frequently or less often.

Google’s Spaces claims that it offers a better place for a sharing experience. Though Group Sharing feature is available, it does seem very peculiar. The app offers options for house hunts, book clubs, weekend trips, getting friends and a lot more done in the same app, which seems to be rather challenging. Sharing involves switching in between apps to copy and paste data and links. And if there are a bunch of small projects which need to be shared with different people, then Spaces is the right place. This software shows the real need for a powerful group sharing experience, which you would really want to use.

Google Spaces App

It is also interesting to note that while using this app, it becomes easy to search, find, and share videos, images and articles without having to move away from the app. This is because the app has an in-built YouTube, Google Search and Chrome in it.

One cool thing about the Spaces services is that you can easily have five or more sites set-up on your page and it seems as good as having just one site at a time. Each site is walled from the other Spaces. Though you will have a single personal portal at a time, you will still have all your different sites on a single page itself. You can manage the sites so that they all do not open at the same time.

And the best part of the entire feature is that it does not require any sign-up routine.

Backset of using Spaces

The launch of the Spaces drew a lot of criticism and bewilderment. The big question is why again another social network service from Google when it already has Hangouts, Google+ and also has social services in its other products like YouTube and not to forget the recent apps launched at the I/O last week. The world obviously doesn’t seem to need another social networking product.

People who have used the app already have complained that the app’s user interface is unusual and atypical. There have been issues regarding difficulty in finding precise threads in a concerned conversation and other quirks.

Google has rolled out the Spaces app for iOS, Android, mobile web and Desktop versions for all the Gmail account holders. This comes as a major setback since people who do not have accessibility to Gmail at workplaces might be restricted in using it.

Google’s Spaces is definitely a unique place to with different benefits, but you need to know the app inside-out and follow a few tips and tricks to get the best out of it.

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