Google Home’s AI Assistant is Smarter, Friendlier and Funnier with a Sense of Humor

Google Home AI Assistant

With Google Home soon to be launched, its AI assistant appears to be getting smarter and friendlier and also funnier.

Google Home is Google’s answer to Amazon’s Echo and is priced lower at $129 compared to the $179 of Echo.

Google Home AI Assistant

Subtle Improvement

None of existing assistants, such as Siri or Alexa or even the Google Assistant is really intelligent. The devices are not actually able to understand your conversation. However, users do form emotional connections with these robots.

More Personality

The new Google Assistant will receive more personality with the help of writers from Onion and the Pixar. The voice abilities of the Google Assistant are comparable with those of Siri or Alexa and it is equally useful. However, at present, it is more robotic, as it cannot answer questions in a human way. That is why Google has not attempted to give it a real name.

More Personable with Humor Setting

According to the news from Wall Street Journal, Google is working at making the Assistant have more personality. The company has reportedly hired the comedy writers of Pixar and Onion for this. Whenever users are bored, they can ask the Google Home to tell them a joke. If you wish, you could get the preview of this from Allo, Google’s new chat application, where you can start your interaction with the Google Assistant. You can ask the assistant to tell you a joke. For instance, the Assistant will ask you whether you have heard about the houses falling in love, as it was a lawn distance relationship.

It is not clear as to whether the jokes on Google Home are really that good, but it will probably have a good humor setting.

Voice Interactions

As far as voice interactions are concerned, the company has been focusing on the latency of the response and attempting to offer answers to queries using more realistic tones. Google is attempting to create emotional connections with the robot, though this might still be a long way off.

Google Makes Assistant Funny

All users expect the assistant to be clever and smart, set their timers and organize their schedules, along with providing the answers to their questions. However, users’ expectations are increasing with time and they now want the artificial intelligence device to be more human. This has resulted in Google trying to make its Assistant more funny. According to GummiHafsteinsson, the product management in charge at Google Home, the company is aiming at better emotional connections with the users.

Google Home Assistant Smarter, Funnier

Comparing the Competition

When you compare Google Home with the competition, such as Alexa or Siri, you realize that both these give the impression of talking to a robot, as the responses are more scripted ones. Google is attempting at bridging the division between humans and the AI device with the help of humor to produce that vital emotional connection between them.

It Matters

The technology is the basis of Google’s software as well as hardware ambitions and it is important for the company to create an Assistant with whom users can have an emotional connection. Assistant is a very crucial part of the Pixel phone, and it can also be availed with Allo, which is the new messaging application of Google.

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