Google Introduces Sprayscape App for Its Android Users to Capture 360-Degree Photos That Are Trippy

Google Sprayscape App

Google has come up with a brand new camera-based app called the Sprayscape for its Android users.

While using this app, the users are provided with a blank canvas that is like a 360-degree sphere. The users can spray their photos onto this sphere in any mishmash way they like it to be and the end results are more like an amalgamation of the different scenes and objects in the various photos that have been sprayed to give a trippy and a hallucinatory effect. The Sprayscape app has been introduced by Google as a part of its Android Experiments. The resulting content of the sprayed mish-mashed pictures can be viewed on an Android-based mobile phone with or without using Google Cardboard.

Google Sprayscape App

All about Google Sprayscape

Google Sprayscape is not just like any other 360-degree photos app. In the other 360-degree photo apps, usually, a panorama is stitched-up together into a sphere which finally presents a cohesive scene of the pictures. But with the Google Sprayscape, it is quite different. Here, a 360-degree sphere is essentially just a blank canvas and the users can select photos from their mobile device’s camera to spray the content onto the canvas. This content can be long sprays of complete scenes or just quick sprays which can be compared with single snapshots.

The Sprayscape works by using the technology of the smartphone’s gyroscope. After filling the content onto the sphere of the app, the 360-degree angled photo can now be shared by the users from within the app. The photo can be shared as a link and also on Facebook, which will need the user to log in by using their Google account.

Google Sprayscape App Capture 360-Degree Photos

The finished scapes of the photos can be saved on the user’s Google Drive account, whereas the link can be shared by whichever way they wish to do so like via a text message, an e-mail, WhatsApp messenger, etc. When the receivers will click on the link, they will be directed to the scape within their mobile phone’s browser. There is no need to download any separate app to just view the photo scapes by clicking on the links. There will be a small headset icon on the left corner at the bottom which will be allowing the users to view the photo scapes by using the Google Cardboard.

The users can now download the Sprayscape app for Android from the Google Play Store. The app is expected to be coming soon even for the iOS users.

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