Google Launches Science Journal App for Android to Help Perform Experiments

Science Journal App for Android

Google does not seem to stop surprising us with new products that one can use their everyday lives.

The new launch from the tech giant is an app, “Science Journal” developed for the Android-based smartphones. It is available for download at the Google Play Store. As of now it is not available for the Apple community.  It has been targeted mainly at the kids and students.

What to find in the app!

The new Science Journal helps you to conduct many basic experiments for a particular science related project right there on your smartphone itself. The app has been developed keeping in mind the kids in particular. The aim of starting an app like this is to help the kids and students to go ahead with more science related projects. The app basically allows you to record all the real-time basic data like the speed of a vehicle, the speed of light and the amount of light that is present indoors and outdoors, to measure the intensity of sound in a certain area, etc. You can also spin your phone and then measure the internal accelerometers of the device.

Moreover, this app lets you to even enter and save all the collected data into charts and graphs which help to understand the analysis and helps in performing the experiment in a better way to infer a better result and conclusion. This app for Science Journal has a simple and easy to understand user interface, with navigation buttons that are simple and clear. Another interesting aspect of the app is the note-taking by voice feature which lets you take notes of speeches when on-the-go.

Google Science Journal App for Android

Google claims that this Science Journal app has been developed to get the kids and students more interested and hooked onto developing and creating new projects and products at a very young age itself. It helps the kids to reason and to understand the basics of any experiment which will help them implement the principles in real life too.

Working together to offer better results!

The app also works in combination with other Arduino devices to help in collecting more detailed and thorough data for performing the experiment better. Google has also collaborated with Exploratorium, which is a laboratory for public learning in California. This lab has helped Google in launching a few lab kits for the app. These lab kits have sensors and materials that when coupled with your smartphone allows you to conduct experiments conjointly with Google’s Science Journal app.

This is the third app that has been launched in this month by Google. The other two apps are the “Allo” and the “Duo” which were released and made public last week at Google’s I/O. Allo and Duo are the new chat apps that have been created to compete in the hunt with the other popular chat and messaging apps like Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat and many such apps. Allo and Duo are expected to hit the Google Play Store and the App Store at some time later this year end.

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