Google Makes an Error with Google Pixel Specifications

Google Pixel

Fast charging has been a significant invention in the smartphone segment as it has allowed mobile phones to get even thinner while also retaining the ability to work all day.

Almost every high end smartphone now comes with the fastest available charging option. The OnePlus 3 continues to retain the supremacy in this regard with the dash charging feature, but it is only quicker by a couple of minutes. The Google Pixel and the Google Pixel XL are the latest smartphones to make waves in the segment. Unsurprisingly, both these devices also offer fast charging support.

Google Pixel Specifications Error

Google claims that the two devices support 18W charging, which makes a huge difference. Importantly, buyers will not have to spend extra in order to access this feature. The two devices, which are HTC built, come with a fast charging adapter in the box. This feature allows the Google Pixel and the Pixel XL to receive a chunk of their battery capacity in just 30 minutes. However, an android tester has now found a flaw with the Google Pixel. The 5-inch model reportedly does not charge at the claimed 18 W rate and instead only works up to 15 W.

It may not make a significant difference, but it seems that Google has made an error in its listing. The North American search giant has now corrected the specifications of the device, which now reads “charging at 15 W – 18 W.”

The Google Pixel is the smaller of the two devices and comes with a 5 inch display. The Google Pixel XL meanwhile comes with a 5.5-inch screen. Apart from the screen size, the two phones also differ in the resolution offered. The former provides only a 1080p screen while the Pixel XL has a QHD in display in line with the rest of the phones at the top of the segment. Both phones, however, are similar in their employment of the operating system and the brand-new pixel launcher. The latter has received a lot of positive response for its ease of use and transforming the android with a brand-new experience after a long time.

Google Pixel

A snapdragon 821 processor – the latest from Qualcomm – is featured on the product. Both phones from the latest versions of android along with the Google Assistant feature, which is yet to make its way into other android smartphones. The Google Pixel is priced at $649 and the larger phone is available at $769.

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