Google Maps 9.47 Brings Major Design Changes, More Timeline Entries in the UI and Share Button on Detail Pages

Google Maps

This week, Google rolled out a bunch of updates for several of its apps and Maps was not left out. The mapping application has now been upped to version 9.47, but this is still available in beta.

While there are no new features to brag about, the latest Google Maps version is worth the upgrade. The newly introduced Timeline feature is slowly getting better, with the new update trying to add the Timeline into as many parts of the app’s interface as possible. The new version also comes with an all-new blue dot menu as well as a share button on detail pages.

When you are on the detail page, you will see a Share button added to the list of shortcuts at the top. Before it was a Share command accessible via the overflow menu located at the top right section but due to its hidden nature, it was kind of less convenient – this is no more!

Another area that has seen improvements is the Google Maps Timeline. It seems Google wants to make it a core feature of the mapping application by making it more accessible from just about every interface. When checking out the detail pages of the places you’ve visited, you’ll likely see an updated row about your previous visit, this time including a new padlock icon as well as a dropdown toggle. This is where your most recent visits’ details as well as a link to the Timeline page are hidden. The padlock icon means that only you can view your Timeline info.

Google Maps

As for Your Places page, there’s a new overflow menu just next to the places you’ve visited. As you may have guessed, this is accessible via the Visited tab. The single command will lead to your Timeline page, showing the path you followed that day.

Last but not least, the famous blue dot has another change as well. When you hit the dot, there’s usually a menu attached to it – this menu has received a complete makeover. Previously, there was an almost full-length dialog with details of your current location, links to nearby locations and suggestions of nearby places, among others. However, the redesigned version has only three lines – Places near you, calibration and reporting bugs, which makes it look a lot nicer than the previous menu.

But as noted at the beginning, this Google Maps 9.47 is still in beta and thus not available via the Google Play Store. Still, there’s an APK version available at APK Mirror, but be ready to encounter a few bugs while using this version. Alternatively, you can sit back and wait for the stable release, which shouldn’t take long, but there’s no guarantee that all of these features will make it to the final version.

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