Instagram Now Lets You Combine up to 10 Photos and Videos in a Single Post


Not so long, Facebook-owned Instagram started testing something on a few handsets – the ability to add a combination of photos and videos in a single post.

Like with any other application or feature when still in beta or rather testing phase, this feature was extremely poor at the time. However, the company has managed to work out all the issues and now Instagram users can enjoy an experience that is bug-free.

All Android and iOS users of Instagram should be able to add up to 10 photos and videos in a single post as from today onwards. There’s nothing strange in the interface, though. When in the usual page for importing a photo or video, you should be able to notice a new button that allows you to select multiple media files. Here, there’s room to pick up to 10 items and upload them to your timeline.

It gets even more interesting with this feature as Instagram has designed it in a way that users can still re-arrange the order of the files or even edit each of them individually. To change the order, you simply need to tap and hold on the image or video. It is also possible to apply a filter to all attached files or edit each item on its own. For now, Instagram says that the posts only support a single caption and are also square-only, but this should change in the near future as works on the feature are still ongoing.


On your profile grid, a gallery post is indicated by a small icon on the first image or video that indicates there’s more to check out. In your Instagram news feed, a gallery post has blue dots at the bottom that requires you to swipe in order to see more files. It is possible to like or comment on them like you’d do on a regular Instagram post.

In case you are wondering, this feature can be found on Instagram version 10.9 for both Android and iOS users.

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