Google Maps App Latest Version Brings Vital Updates

Google Maps

Google Maps is the best when it comes to finding your way in a new place. However, it doesn’t mean those familiar with their surroundings can never get to use this mapping app.

In fact, Google Maps can get helpful in situations you can never imagine, including your own residence. Each and every update that the company adds to the app brings something interesting to the fold and it’s just what the latest version has done.

Apparently, the latest version of Google Maps brings deeper integration of Google Calendar where the events updated on the Calendar app will also be automatically synced to the mapping application, making it easy to access directions for any saved events.

There is, however, a catch for this to work properly. You will first of all need to fill out the address details in the “Where” box so that Google Maps is able to identify the location. It is also required that you sign in to the two apps for this syncing to take place.

To check out this, open your Google Maps app and from the sidebar menu, select “Your Places” and a new “Upcoming” tab will also show up. This is where you will find all the Google Calendar events that have been listed with their proper addresses. When you select an event under this Upcoming tab, the Google Maps app will lead you to the address, including directions to the venue. You can also view or dismiss the event through an option just next to the name of the event.

Google Maps

Another major addition that the latest version of Google Maps brings to the fold is integration with Google contacts. With this update, the mapping application will allow direct searching of the contacts as long as the contacts have been stored with their addresses attached.

If any of these fancy additions aren’t your thing, there is a new Personal Content manager under “Your Places” tab that gives options to turn off these categories, for instance, Upcoming events, Labels, Google Photos, Google Contacts and more.

Keep in mind that this Google Maps update is only available for Android users, but it should soon make its way to Apple’s iOS.

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