Google Pixel Phones – Not A Game Changer by Any Chance -Cut out the Hype

Google Pixel Phones

The new Pixel phones from Google are probably not a product of Google, so they may not be the game changers they are touted to be.

You may hear plenty of spins regarding the new Pixel phones. The two phones are being announced today, at an event that is being held in San Francisco on the 4th of October. The URL for promotion is also tagged as

Google Pixel

Sailfish and Marlin

For the past few months, the two new Pixel phones have been termed as the HTC Sailfish and the HTC Marlin. HTC had co developed and designed the first Nexus One and also the first Android smartphone, T Mobile G1. The latter did not have the HTC nametag on it, but you cannot call it a Google smartphone.

What’s the Difference?

If fans are wondering about the difference between the Nexus phones and the upcoming Pixel smartphones, it can be said that the name of HTC, the manufacturer will not be appearing on the Pixel phones. They will not be seen on the phone body.

New Strategy in Selling

There is surely a shift from the Nexus to the Pixel, but the main focus of the shift is the way in which the company wants to sell the new Pixel phones. The earlier Nexus phones were developer devices and gave developers a clean platform of Android, where they could test their applications. However, Pixel phones will be targeted at higher end users along with developers.

Advantage of a Google Phone

Surely, fans would love a Google device, as the company’s devices are known for their speed and clarity as well as simplicity. On the other hand, other Android phone manufacturers fill the device with additional overlays that slows the device. In addition, a Google phone will get updates as soon as they are released while other Android devices are always slow at receiving them.  In fact, Motorola is the only manufacturer that is really close to pure Android or stock Android.

No Dramatic Change

With the release of the Pixel phones, instead of the Nexus line, there is not going to be any dramatic change. Fans will have access to a good Android phone with the 7.1 OS version. It will have many cool features, similar to an iPhone. It is also possible that the Pixel phones will feature in Editor’s choice columns. However, do not expect that the phones will be available with all the major carriers. There will not be any sales push and there is no likelihood of Samsung being unseated and the Pixel being in the forefront in the carrier stores all over the country.

Google Pixel Phones

Not Manufactured by Google

Google is not manufacturing the new Pixel phones and that is the bottom line.  There is nothing drastically new about them, compared to the previous Nexus phones. Of course, Android 7.1 will make a difference, as it comes with many new and cool feature, but for those of you who are looking for a game changer in the Pixel phones you are likely to be disappointed.

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