Google Maps and Earth Updated with Sharper Satellite Imagery

Google Maps and Google Earth Imagery Update

Google Maps and Google Earth are some of the best ever happenings of the smartphone world. Engineers managed to come out with a way in which to put together satellite imagery such that no clouds are visible to the user, thus ensuring that they get a better and more comprehensive view of what’s on the ground.

Now, the search engine giant is taking everything you know about Google Maps and Google Earth to the next level by coming in with newer and crispier imagery that is based on NASA and U.S. Geological Survey’s Landsat 8 satellite. The first attempt by Google towards these two apps was based on Landsat 7, meaning the latest is an obvious upgrade.

The main problem that Landsat 7 came in with was that any images that it captured after 2003 had some issues to do with hardware failure, something that led to missing data in some cases. Still, this was the best imagery that the company could lay its hands on at the time. As a result, Google decided to embark on a way to get rid of these diagonal gaps from Earth by closely analyzing volumes of images.

Landsat 8 was launched in 2013 and as of now, it is the latest to offer Google Earth with the newest imagery. With this new satellite, images of greater detail and truer colors can be captured at unprecedented frequency, meaning that Landsat has the ability to capture twice as many images that its predecessor can manage on a single day, Google announced. Like with the previous case, there are no clouds in the imagery, with the result being sharper and updated images on Google Earth.

Google Maps and Google Earth Imagery Update

Landsat has been here since 1972 and all it does is track changes that take place on earth over time and then makes the same data openly accessible. Hence, companies such as Google can easily update their products – Google Maps and Google Earth – whenever new imagery is availed.

The new imagery is already available on the latest version of Google Earth as well as through the satellite later when it comes to Google Maps.

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