Microsoft to Scale Back Xbox Fitness Over the Next One Year

Xbox Fitness

If you own a Xbox One gaming console, you might have to think otherwise as far as working out in front of your TV is concerned. This is true because the Redmond Company has now made it public that it will be discontinuing the Xbox Fitness service as a whole. The good side of the story is that the process will be gradual.

Xbox Fitness came to life about two years ago and over the time of its existence, the device has been receiving quite a number of updates. However, the Windows OS maker has finally conceded that the process of developing and rolling out these updates is no longer sustainable by the company. As a result, the company says that it will be scaling back the support for the Xbox Fitness services over the coming year.

At the time of the announcement, Microsoft said that the Xbox Fitness app will no longer be available via the official Xbox Store. However, this is only going to affect new users since current users can continue using the service until June 30th, 2017. In short, you only have one year of use remaining on your hands, hence, you better make great use of it.

Xbox Fitness

On the other hand, December 1st will see the Xbox Fitness service’s 30-day free trial offer removed. This service is usually reserved for Xbox Live gold subscribers. Last but not least, the first day of July 2017 will see the entire Xbox Fitness service and everything associated with it disappear for good, including for those who have already paid for the service.

As noted earlier, Xbox Fitness has been here for quite some time now. It was born in 2013 alongside the Xbox One gaming console, but like a few other products from the company, including the Microsoft Surface 3, it will soon be facing extinction.

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