Google might be planning a YouTube Edition Android smartphone, but don’t get too excited yet

Google YouTube Edition

A new report has just surfaced with wildly claims suggesting there could be a Google YouTube Edition Android smartphone in the pipes.

Now, before we even get deeper into what we know so far about this alleged YouTube Edition smartphone, keep in mind that this isn’t coming directly from Google. Rather, the phone has been spotted in a survey by UK-based Survey Bods, where the search giant is reportedly trying to establish if people can actually consider buying a YouTube Edition smartphone, which is basically a handset whose hardware and software are optimized for YouTube purposes. This may or may not materialize, so don’t get too excited about it.

With that out of the way, let’s get to what we know so far. Apparently, Survey Bods has been surveying UK residents about a handset known as YouTube Edition Android phone. The survey covers quite a significant array of things related to the phone, be it hardware, software and even the expected price, things that make it seem like it’s indeed happening.

According to the survey, the alleged Google YouTube Edition Android phone will come in different variants that are made by different OEMs. However, the hardware will be the same and for the pricing, they will fall in the midrange segment. From the survey, which was first stumbled upon by Android Authority, the YouTube Edition phone will be equipped with a 6-inch LCD screen with the modern 18:9 aspect ratio and full HD+ resolution, an unknown processor clocked at 2.2GHz, 4GB RAM and two storage options of 32GB and 64GB – or either.

Unlike the Google Pixels, the said YouTube Edition phone will reportedly rock dual-lens 12MP+5MP cameras on the back alongside an 8MP selfie shooter. Other specs leaked via the survey include dual Dolby Atmos stereo speakers, a fingerprint scanner and a solid 3700mAh battery unit that supports fast charging. There are chances that Google will be working with Samsung and LG, with the devices’ suggested names including the likes of YouTube Edition by Samsung, YouTube Edition by LG and YouTube Edition by Android One.

Software-wise, the YouTube Edition phone will be tailored towards watching videos, connecting with content creators and even becoming a creator on YouTube. The phone will be accompanied by a dedicated button meant for launching YouTube and thanks to what the survey calls YouCapture, the phone will automatically start recording a video when this button is hit. There’s also a widget dubbed Creator Connect, which will live on the home screen and show a feed with content from different creators. By tapping on their profiles, you will be directly taken to the creators community feed.

The YouTube Edition phone is also expected to feature a live lock screen where live YouTube videos will be on show. This way, users of the phones will be able to start watching a video directly as opposed to going all around launching the app like the case with standard phones.

As noted earlier, the survey also asked about the price that people would be willing to pay for the Google YouTube Edition Android phone. Judging by the report, it seems the phone will be anywhere between $360 and $400, which is a typical midrange pricing. It gets even better where users of the phone will allegedly get extra 10GB data for use on a monthly basis for one year, something that easily brings in the idea of Google Project Fi.

Although the idea of having free data for 12 months sounds interesting, the question is would you be willing to buy a phone whose primary role is to watch YouTube videos?

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