Here’s 5 Reasons to Convince You Why Net Neutrality Matters So Much

Here’s 5 Reasons to Convince You Why Net Neutrality Matters So Much

A major part of the web and social media websites are rife with the word Net Neutrality which has become part of everyday discussion ever since the Federal Communications Commission in the United States announced their plans to end the neutrality.

For people living in other countries, it may sound like a deal that takes place only in the U.S. and even a lot of common citizens living in the country believe it wouldn’t hurt them so much but it would to a great extent unlike you have ever imagined.

Internet is Similar to Power and Water

When you open the tap and take the water out, the government or the provider doesn’t question what you do with the water because you pay for it. Similarly, the monthly power bill is only for the consumption but not for the number of appliances you use or the type of things that are powered in your household. Internet was supposed to be the same which could end soon because companies want to barge in and see what you use it for even after you have paid them the money.

Net Neutrality

Companies Consider it as a non-utility but it is!

While companies want to take control of the internet considering it is not a utility but in reality it is because you can’t communicate, get a job, make calls or order food without being connected to the web. And, websites or the speed of the web should be based on the bundle you pay, not based on what the companies want you to see. Each corporate may have a different view and the internet will be split so that you won’t see the same version everywhere.

Comcast, AT&T and Others will decide your content

The service providers will decide whether you should watch Netflix on a Friday night or not. They can choose to slow down speeds legally which they do now illegally and can also make you pay much higher for fast lanes. Even then, some sites will be blocked and at times even articles, videos could be blocked within a website or Youtube to keep you in the dark.

Why Net Neutrality Matters So Much

Internet Infrastructure is not expensive

FCC claims they need more money to invest in internet infrastructure but as a matter of fact, the revenue generated by the web is far superior than U.S. own economy and has been considerably growing with increased usage.

Net Neutrality dates back to Bush

In 2005, it was signed by George W. Bush and it is not just a Obama era agreement which the FCC plans to break to make more money and to keep users under the control of the corporates even after making them pay a monthly fee.

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