Google Nexus 2016 Ringtones and Notifications are Now Free to Download

Google Nexus 2016 vs Nexus 6P

The Google Nexus 2016 phones should be here this September or latest October, that is if Google retains last year’s release date schedule that saw the birth of Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X.

There have been a lot of information coming out from different sources with respect to the Google Nexus 2016 handsets. As for now, it seems confirmed that HTC is the one making the two phones to succeed last year’s versions. Even though a lot has been said about the two, it all remains to be rumors and speculations. In fact, neither Google nor HTC has spoken about the rumored Google Nexus 2016 Marlin and Sailfish phones.

While this is happening, some genuine information has also been coming in from Google, but these are only hints that the Nexus 2016 phones are indeed somewhere around the corner, without hitting the nail on the head. We’ve seen a bunch of supposed Google Nexus 2016 wallpapers and now we have something new.

Apparently, every Android user can get the feeling of using a Google Nexus 2016 phone thanks to the fact that the search engine giant has now availed a downloadable ZIP file that contains all the ringtones and notifications sounds for the upcoming smartphones. Once these files are downloaded, they can easily be unzipped and then copied right into the folders that contain the phone’s ringtones and notification sounds.

Google Nexus 2016

Of course, the experience won’t be 100% similar to the Google Nexus 2016 experience, but at least, it should bring you close to a Nexus experience. If the new tones and sounds don’t appear in the ringtone selection list after unzipping them and adding them to the folders, try rebooting the phone to have them properly installed. This process is simple and easy for any willing person.

As for the Google Nexus 2016 release date, it should be near now that the company is already done with wallpapers, ringtones, and notification sounds.

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