Latest Galaxy S7, S7 Edge Marshmallow Update Adds Note 7’s Samsung Cloud

Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was unveiled a few days ago and with it came a number of new features for the Galaxy family, which already has the likes of Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge for 2016.

One most notable addition was the iris scanner, a feature that adds more security to the Galaxy Note 7 by allowing users to access their locked content by scanning their eye. This is more secure than using a fingerprint, which can easily be copied and reused even without your knowledge.

While this iris scanning technology happens to be exclusive to the Galaxy Note 7, at least for this 2016, some of the software-based features that the phone debuted have begun showing up on other models, specifically the Galaxy S7 and the Note 7 look-alike, Galaxy S7 Edge.

According to a new report, users of the new Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge in Italy are receiving a new Android Marshmallow update that brings the Samsung Cloud service to these two phones. Note that this update doesn’t bring a new version of Android Marshmallow, but it packs a feature that is for sure going to be a welcome idea for those using these two phones.

Galaxy S7and S7 edge

The fact that the new software update weighs about 152MB means that it doesn’t bring a lot of new stuff to the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. But still, it adds the latest monthly Android security patch in addition to making some needed improvements on the performance of the phones’ Bluetooth and NFC connections.

Since this update is coming in as an OTA, be warned that it will not be hitting all Samsung Galaxy S7 units at once. Instead, the update will come out in stages, with the first happening in Italy as at the time of this writing. Where Samsung will push the update next is still unknown, but in case you haven’t seen the OTA notification, simply head to the handsets’ Settings menu and in the About phone option, check out for the availability of software updates.

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