Google Nexus 5X users experiencing an annoying issue with the Google Assistant

The Google Assistant is one of the best features to have hit the Android fraternity. With the assistant, you can go completely hands-free on your phone, which makes it an interesting feature to have today.

However, owners of the Google Nexus 5X might not be enjoying the Assistant at all. According to some of them who have taken to Reddit to vent their dissatisfaction, the Assistant has become too slow in responding to queries on the Nexus 5X.

The Google Assistant is always listening for an “OK Google” call to action. Whether the display screen is on or off, this digital assistant will jump to action once you say these words. Usually, it takes less than a second for the assistant to show up on your screen ready to take up another command, but according to affected Google Nexus 5X users, it is now taking a lot longer than usual, in some cases up to 8 seconds.

It gets even worse, where the digital assistant finally shows up, but only with half of the info that was included in the command. As noted, the Google Assistant works even when the screen is off, but apparently, it gets much slower compared to when the screen is turned on.

Some thought giving the Assistant one command at a time solves the problem, but this isn’t the case. It also seems that this issue has been around for longer than we thought, with some users actually thinking that it’s normal for the assistant to behave this way.

One possible solution that has always worked magic is clearing the cache. This should really help, but if it doesn’t, you may have to do a factory reset. Whether Google is listening is still unknown, but if it is, a fix may probably come alongside an update to Android 8.0 O, which should go official today.


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