Bugatti Chiron Delivered to First U.S. Customer at Pebble Beach Show

Bugatti Chiron at Pebble Beach

The Pebble Beach show has received so much attention this year and easily goes on par with the Frankfurt or the Geneva motor show.

The number of new launches, concept cars and the crowd ensured that it became a noted event of the year.

Adding further hype to the already popular event was Bugatti Chiron. Considered as the world’s fastest car, the Chiron is the successor to the Veyron that ruled the roost for many successful years throughout history. The newest car has already managed to set new records at the popular tracks in the world including the iconic Nurburgring in Germany. Buyers are yet to receive it as it is a limited edition model and is being rolled out in a uniform fashion.

Bugatti Chiron

For the first time, the first ever Bugatti Chiron pre-ordered by a U.S. customer was delivered during the Pebble Beach auto expo. It was such a grand affair and the choice of colors the buyer opted for was something that excited every car enthusiast in the show. The Pebble Beach Contours of Elegance witnessed the launch of the Yellow and Black color schemed Chiron which was delivered to the customer who live in the United States.

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The production wing of Bugatti has to make sure they evenly split all the 500 units they are going to construct and deliver them to people based on the time they made the pre-order. Their customers are uber rich because no average person could afford the price tag of the model. The one launched at the auto show was extremely stylish, great to look at and featured some of the iconic design elements found in all Bugatti cars. It sported the grille surround designed combined with the C-shaped dividing line.

Bugatti Chiron U.S. Pebble Beach Show

Only 500 units of these will be built which will make the car extremely limited and very expensive. The exclusivity factor will easily be maintained in the model. Around 30 percent of the 500 cars will be shipped to the United States customers and out of the lot, the first one was delivered at Pebble Beach. The Bugatti Chiron costs about $3 million. The car will make sure it stands as a luxury and status symbol for those who purchase it, even after 50 years from today and by that time, it is obvious that the successor to the Chiron and more cars may have landed by that time.

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