Google Nexus 6 Android 7.1.1 Nougat March Security Update Resumes with Possible Fixes for Android Pay

Google Nexus 6 and Android Pay

Google started rolling out the latest Android 7.1.1 Nougat March security patch for Pixel and Nexus devices early this week, but a few days later, users of the Google Nexus 6 were up in arms complaining that the update had stopped Android Pay from working.

With the issue growing at an alarming rate, Google decided to stop the latest Android security patch for the Google Nexus 6, probably so as to attend to this issue. Apparently, the faulty Android Pay was coming in as a result of a problem with Android’s SafetyNet and a few hours of examining, the update is back up again, possibly with a fix to this issue.

We don’t know yet, but we hope that the fact that the update has been resumed means Google Nexus 6 users are now able to use Android Pay without any problems. Interestingly, the files that Google has re-uploaded still come with the same build number N6F26U, which kind of leaves us confused as to whether there are any changes to the firmware. Or maybe the changes were too small to warrant a change in the build number.

Android Pay

Nonetheless, the fact that the Nexus team had acknowledged that they were aware of the Android Pay issue on Google Nexus 6 and that investigations were ongoing could suggest that the issue has been attended to, hence the new update.

If you use a Google Nexus 6 and had gone through this Android Pay problem, feel free to let us know is this update works the magic.

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