Blackberry Launches Privacy Shade App for Android to Safeguard You in Public Spots

Blackberry Privacy Shade

Smartphone screens are becoming bigger that obviously raises privacy concerns.

Blackberry developed Privacy Shade, a new Android app that helps you stay private even when in public spots.

Blackberry Privacy Shade

Blackberry has shifted its attention from trying to revive their dying operating system to creating useful Android applications. The company launched the Notable app for Android a month ago and this time they have come up with Privacy Shade, a useful privacy app most users would appreciate especially if you text or browse a lot in your office space.

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When activated, the app will automatically shade, reduce the transparency of the part of your screen which you are not actively reading. Be it text messaging, social media browsing or personal status information, you can edit and use them all without worrying about snoopers who might stand behind you and watch them. Based on your requirement, you can choose the transparency level of the shaded area by making it completely obscure or mildly visible so that you could use it more efficiently.

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Accessing the settings is quite easy on this application. People who use Android 7.0 devices will be able to add Privacy Shade to their Quick Settings so that it is readily accessible at any point of the day. Blackberry device users who have a Convenience key integrated in their phones can assign it to be used to activate or deactivate the app. Other users who are on older versions of the Android operating system can choose to toggle it in the notification area.

Blackberry Privacy Shade app

Most users have this issue when using their smartphones in events or an office space where there are constantly people standing behind your back. Blackberry Privacy Shade app for Android seems to have got launched at the right time and it is already available in the Play store. You can head to the store and download it immediately so as to stop worrying about snooping people around you. It doesn’t have any complex setup process and seamlessly works with most Android devices. Blackberry has also launched their new Aurora smartphone which runs on Android OS and its success will determine whether they could sustain in this industry as a phone manufacturer.

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