Google Nexus 6P August Android security patch to carry build number N2G48C

Google Lawsuit Over Nexus 6P

The beauty of owning a Google Nexus 6P or rather any Google device is that you will always be ahead of the rest when it comes to receiving Android software updates.

Whether it’s an update to the newest Android OS in town or just a simple security update, the Google Nexus 6P, alongside the Nexus 5X and Pixel phones, has always been leading the rest in receiving the treat.

We know that it won’t be long before Google devices start getting an update to Android O, but before this happens, the search engine giant will be rolling out an update to this month’s Android security patch. Usually, these devices start receiving updates to the latest security patch on the first Monday of every month. Given that this day will be here as from next week, it has emerged that the Google Nexus 6P will be among the first to get the treat starting August 8th, which will be on Tuesday.

Apparently, the Nexus 6P will receive an update that carries build number N2G48C and besides installing the latest security patch, this update will also improve the performance and stability of the phone by fixing any bugs and errors discovered in the previous version.

Being a typical monthly security patch, the update will weigh a small 36MB, but this shouldn’t give you wrong ideas about downloading the update. Despite the size, the update is very important for Google Nexus 6P users. The update, as expected, will be rolled out over the air, which means it might take several days or even a week before all Nexus 6P units receive the OTA notification.

The first phase of the update will see up to 10,000 Google Nexus 6P units receive the update and after a few days, the second wave will come in targeting the remaining devices. For those who can’t wait for the OTA notification, you always have the option of forcing the update via Settings>About phone, but there’s no guarantee that this method will grant you access to the latest security patch for your phone.

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