Overwatch Summer Games Event Adds Ranked Lucio Ball, Starts Aug 8th

Overwatch Summer Games australia

The big and fun filled Summer Games event is coming to Overwatch again.

This year, the company Blizzard has announced that it will commence on August 8th. Every year, the developers roll out seasonal content that further adds vibrance to the already action packed game.

Overwatch developers confirmed that the Lucioball game mode which received great support from players is returning and this time, it is going to go much bigger. For the first time, Blizzard is adding a ranked Lucioball game which will make it more competitive than it has ever been. The developer has confirmed that they are making some changes to the way the game is played. Players will no longer be able to boop enemies using the ability of Lucio’s soundwave attack and the concept of being able to pull the ball towards the player will no longer work. Instead, the ultimate ability of the character has been modified to allow more speed for Lucio as well as the speed with which his Boop works.

overwatch summer games 2017

It is up to the players of the summer tournament to make things work in their favor with these modified abilities. The competitive ranked mode adds further hype to the already popular summer games. As with previous year’s offering, the special limited time event brings a brand new stadium. Titled Sydney, the new stadium will offer more scope to score goals and compete alongside friends which will be made available along with the Rio stadium map. A lot of cosmetic items will be available making it easier for you to customize your gameplay experience based on your individual taste.

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Previous year’s Summer Games cosmetics including skins, sprays and emotes were not available for players to purchase using credits. However, this year Blizzard had decided to sell these items for credits. Not only those created in 2017 but items from the past will also be sold for reduced credits so that players who missed out last year has the opportunity to buy them all at once.

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A detailed list of the available content has been posted on the Blizzard blog. The Overwatch 2017 Summer Games sell legendary skins for 3,000 credits, epic skins for 750 credits, Rare tier will be sold for 225 credits while Common tier will be the cheapest of them all at 75 credits. Previous year’s legendary skins will set you back by 1,000 credits, epic skins by 250 credits and rare tier skins at just 75 credits.  The event begins on August 8th and run till August 29th on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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