Google Nexus 6P in 2017 – It’s Still a Top Phone, but Hardly Available

Google Lawsuit Over Nexus 6P

Google officially killed the Nexus lineup with the launch of the Pixel and Pixel XL in 2016, something that officially made the Google Nexus 6P the last of the company’s phones that came with a with an affordable price tag.

Yes, the Google Nexus series had made its name for giving users an option to use pure Android OS while at the same time not stretching too far in order to buy one. The Google Nexus 6P was one of these phones and interestingly, more than one and half years following its release in September 2015, the phone is still a powerful gem to own.

No one would have predicted that the Google Nexus 6P successor would be what we currently have in the shape of Google Pixel XL. The two are worlds apart when it comes to pricing, with the latter coming in as a high-end gadget targeting the luxury market. At launch, the Nexus 6P was priced at $499 compared to the $770 required to take the Pixel XL off the shelves.

There’s no doubt that the new Pixel phones are great pieces of hardware, however, their price tags mean they are now in the same class as the iPhones and the Galaxy S phones of this world. This has made it tougher for Google. At the time when the Nexus series was still alive, it was easy to endorse the phones since they were cheap and brilliant. However, things are now different as everyone expects a perfect device for such a high price tag, something that is not easy to achieve, even for the likes of Apple and Samsung.

google nexus 6p

When compared to the Google Nexus 6P, there’s no arguing against the facts that the Pixel XL has a better design, an outstanding camera that picks up from where its predecessor left and decent battery life and more powerful hardware. But are these enough to shell out that extra $300? For me, hell no!

But wait. Where can one buy a Google Nexus 6P at this moment? Apparently, getting hold of this phone is not an easy task. But as usual, you may have one from retailers such as Amazon and eBay, where you’d be lucky to get a brand new model, otherwise, you’ll have to settle for a refurbished model, which will make the deal even more interesting in terms of price.

For instance, there’s one brand new Google Nexus 6P (32GB) available on Amazon right now at $499, same price as the original. Alternatively, you can get a used model for $380 on the same platform or make a switch to eBay and check out what you can find. Even though this would be a great deal, the Nexus 6P is not the top phone it was back in 2015, especially now that there are lots of new phones in the market, however, it’s still a solid option that won’t leave you regretting.

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