Google Nexus 6P: One Year Down the Line, is it Still Worth it?

Google Nexus 6P

When Google Pixel and Pixel XL were announced, many Android fans were somehow confused. The company that was known to value affordability had now turned into another “Apple.”

Of course, this change was expected to hit the market at some point in time, however, Android enthusiasts still hoped for something close to the Google Nexus 6P – a device with high-end specs, premium design and yet very affordable. Instead, the search engine giant took a different direction and came in with two Google Pixel phones that can easily compete with the Apples and Samsungs of this 21st century. This can easily be reflected in the pricing of the handsets, with the base model priced at $649.

The Google Pixel and Pixel XL have reportedly been breaking records in terms of smartphone sales since Google went into the business. However, the company’s premium pricing and general flagship approach has meant that most people looking for a high-end device that is also pocket-friendly and offering a pure Android experience are left with only one option – the Google Nexus 6P.

Currently priced at about $400 for the base model, the Google Nexus 6P is without a doubt the real deal here. Although a year old, the handset still has what it takes to compete among the best. It is powered by last year’s flagship chipset – the Snapdragon 810 – and this is paired with 3GB RAM, the same you find in a number of flagship handsets released in 2016, among them Sony Xperia X Performance.

This processor will take care of all your smartphone needs smoothly – be it multitasking, switching between apps, fast internet browsing, playing games or even watching online shows – and you will love the Google Nexus 6P. The base model has 32GB of storage, but there are also options to get 64GB and 128GB options, which is a good addition especially since there is no room for microSD card storage.

Google Nexus 6P

If you love big, the Google Nexus 6P is big enough at 5.7 inches in display size. This screen is an AMOLED panel with a resolution of 1440p, same as the Google Pixel XL and way above the smaller Google Pixel, which has 1080p. The device runs on a pure version of Android 7.0 Nougat, meaning you miss on a few things that are available on the Google-customized Pixel phones.

The back of the handset has a 12MP sensor alongside a fingerprint scanner while the front has an 8MP snapper. Even though you won’t get the same quality offered on the Pixel alongside unlimited photo and video storage via Google Photos, the Nexus 6P will still give you some of the best shots a smartphone camera can produce, especially when HDR+ comes into play.

There is a decent battery unit of 3450mAh that supports USB-C fast charging technology.

Considering the current price of the Google Nexus 6P compared to the Pixel XL and other flagships, the former is a safer bet for getting a high-end phone at an affordable price.

What do you think about the Google Nexus 6P?

5 thoughts on “Google Nexus 6P: One Year Down the Line, is it Still Worth it?”

  1. No. Unless you buy one with 128gb it’s so not worth it. Without being able to expand the memory – I’m constantly running out of space and it’s a pain in the @$$. Will never buy a phone without that option again.

  2. I’ve been using a 6P for 11 months now and I love it. Sure I’d love it more if it came with a microSD slot but historically Nexus phones have never had that capability. I knew what I was getting into when I bought it. Biggest complaint for me is proprietary charging port. You can’t just plug it in to a micro USB cable, on the charger that comes with it can be used. Finding a car charger for it is next to impossible but luckily my car has a 2 prong plug in it so I can use my home charger in the car.

  3. I’ve had my Google Nexus 6P for over a year and along with Goggle service “fi” and still very happy with the phone and the service. And now at 400 buck would say that is a great deal! It’s fast and clear and Android 7.0 Nougat runs very smoothly. Can’t beat it for teh price and having pure Google on board.

  4. The 6p is a great handset, imo a better overall package than the pixel is. The camera is the best I’ve ever owned and the speakers are great. Save some cash and get a better phone, even if it’s not daydream ready

  5. I’ve had mine since it was released, and it’s the best phone I’ve ever owned. Very fast and responsive, nice in the hand. Occasionally I have issues with the fingerprint scanner, but I don’t know if that’s a unique problem since I’ve never owned any other phone that had one. The camera is very fast until you get into lower light conditions, then it struggles like every other android phone I’ve owned. The sound is the best I’ve ever had on an Android phone as well. I can easily talk to people on speakerphone or play a podcast with it sitting next to me and still be able to clearly distinguish voices from several feet away. Every other Android phone I’ve owned struggled with volume and clarity as much or more than they did with camera speed and focus.

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