Dragon Ball Fusions Ready for North American Release Ahead of Planned Date

Dragon Ball Fusions Release

Dragon Ball fans based in the United States are in for a pleasant surprise with the game being released earlier than actually planned.

Earlier planned for a December 13, 2016 release; the game will now be available three weeks ahead from 22nd November as both single player and multiplayer game modes for the Nintendo 3DS gaming console. However, it must be remembered that this good news is only for those residing in the country. Those who had placed a pre-order were more than happy to receive the game four days earlier. Fans from the United Kingdom and Australia will have to continue waiting till the originally planned date for the game in February 2017 from Bandai Namco. But, there are chances the developer may announce an early release for this market as well. While the Japanese game for the North American market has English subtitles, the upcoming version for Europe will have multiple subtitles options other than English comprising Italian, Spanish, German and French.

Dragon Ball Fusions Release

There are very strong rumors doing the rounds that the early release in the US is to make it available for Thanksgiving Day as an ideal holiday gift. Yet, another statement doing the rounds is that the developer focused on releasing it before the popular Black Friday could hit the market a few weeks just before Christmas. This is because Dragon Ball Fusions would have established itself in the market by the time the latter makes its entry. Whatever be the actual reason, Dragon Ball lovers are undoubtedly extremely glad with the early release. Interestingly, Bandai Namco has chosen to remain quiet as of now on why they changed their plans on the release date.

Focus of the Dragon Ball Fusions Game

A recent online Nintendo 3DS eShop listing highlighted some new screenshots revealed by Bandai Namco. The screenshots show the starting page of the game and also catch a few characters in action. The opening shot of Dragon Ball Fusions shows one of the pivotal characters Pinich asking for a wish from Shenron to create the most powerful Budokai in the world. This Budokai is believed to fuse up the entire world for participation in the Jikkuichi Budokai event.

As can be expected, the Dragon Ball game focuses on the action packed role playing game genre. True to its name, the game allows you to try out a lot of fusion activities. For instance, you can combine fighting skills to achieve the power of two people or customize characters based on individual preferences. If talks doing the rounds can be believed, then the fusion support will allow you to create over 100 fusion combinations. Some noteworthy fusions that you can indulge in are Fusion Dance, Ex-Fusion, Namekian and Pottara Earrings. Additionally, the Dragon Ball Fusions has a gamut of characters from other Dragon Ball movies and animated series. You can also retort to gathering different items as you explore the universe. Apart from the standard single player and multiplayer modes, you can also choose the Adventure mode to be a part of a new Dragon Ball story.

You can classify the horde of characters into three categories – power, technique and speed. Power wins over technique, which in turn has an upper hand over speed that reigns supreme over power. Moreover, it is possible to push characters towards the left hand side of your timeline to stop them from attacking you. It also helps in pulling your own crew members close to each other. Termed as ring out, this is one way of achieving victory. The special attacks are classified as fight, energy ball and special attack types that have different impacts on your opponents.

One of the most interesting features of the game is the inclusion of the flying island. A point worth noting about the island is that it can help you to zero in on some of the top fighters and create some really upgraded powerful characters or avatars. Another highlighted feature allows you to discover new mission by flying over to Dragon Ball islands. The third newly introduced feature is the photo fusion ability. This allows you to take photographs with your buddies using the camera offered by Nintendo 3DS and fuse them into new Dragon Ball characters based on personal choices. Last but not the least, you can indulge in a trading activity to swap a special move with other players near you.

Dragon Ball Fusions

What you will definitely not miss out on observing as you play Dragon Ball Fusions is that the game borrows quite a bit from the two popular games – Yo-Kai Watch and Pokemon. Based on an interview done by Game Reactor with Masayuki Hirano who is responsible for developing the game, Fusions incorporates elements from these games to make it a turn based game with RPG elements. Hirano stated in the interview that this idea was born from the fact that Japanese children have shown great fascination towards Pokemon, Yo Kai Watch and the earlier Dragon Ball titles.

All in all, you are bound to be engrossed till the end once you lay your hands on Dragon Ball Fusions.    

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