Google Nexus Phone App Update Adds Protection Against Spam Calls

Google Nexus Phone app

All eyes are now set on the Google Nexus 2016 release, but the search engine giant is taking care of other things that will ensure the Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X successors offer the best experience.

Most of you have probably never had the chance to interact with Google Nexus devices, which usually run on stock Android OS. In short, not so many have interacted with stock Android OS, especially given that the likes of Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi lead the way when it comes to Android smartphone sales, yet all of them use modified versions of the OS.

What this means is that quite an insignificant number has come across the stock Android Phone app, which is basically compatible with Google Nexus devices only. Just like other smartphone OEMs include default phone calling apps on their phones, Google has a Nexus Phone app that comes preinstalled on Nexus handsets. Google is rolling out an update to this app that will see the app alert users whenever a call is coming in from a suspected spam caller.

When notified, the Google Nexus Phone app will present users with several options for taking action against the suspected spam caller. Turning on Caller ID & Spam protection will mean the user is able to block any spam callers as well as report them.

Google Nexus Phone app

When inside the Recent calls log, simply hit the number or caller that you suspect as a spammer and the app will ask you to either block or report the caller as spam. You should also be able to execute both actions, just in case. As far as settings are concerned, simply launch the Phone app on your Google Nexus phone and hit the 3-dot button. This will open up an array of More options from which you can choose the Caller ID & Spam protection section.

For those who have Caller ID already enabled on their Google Nexus Phone app, the spam protection option will be added once the latest version of the app comes your way.

If you haven’t yet received the latest Phone app on your Google Nexus smartphone, you can follow this Google Play Store link to check it out.

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