Google Maps Update – Wi-Fi Only Mode, Transit Delay Notifications and More

Google Maps

Google Maps has received quite a number of features in the recent past, all of which are aiming at ensuring the app delivers the best mapping services.

In the latest update, the Maps app has now been enabled with the ability to restrict data usage by turning into Wi-Fi mode only as well as notifications that alert drivers in cases of huge transit delays in a bid to save them more time. While these features have been around for quite some time, they only existed in the beta version. With the latest update, the stable Google Maps app will receive these features, in addition to other fixes and performance improvements.

For starters, you should know that the update will not be rolled out at once to all devices, instead, it comes out as a staged update. This means that some users will be able to access these new features earlier than others.

Wi-Fi only

It’s pretty easy to tell when the Wi-Fi only mode feature comes to your Google Maps app. Simply head to the app’s settings and check out for a new toggle named Wi-Fi only. It should be located on the second line. If you can see it, you can be sure to go offline and still make use of Google Maps.

In the past, this line had the name “offline areas”. This screen is still accessible by tapping the description, however, it now comes with a new title as well as a switch. When you tap on the switch or title, you’ll actually be activating Wi-Fi only mode, thus cutting Google Maps from cellular data. When you go ahead and tap on the description, a new screen where you can configure offline areas will show up.

According to Google, switching to the new Wi-Fi only mode doesn’t mean your cellular data is completely free. Apparently, the app will still use some data even when in Wi-Fi only mode.

Google Maps

Notifications during huge transit delays

Many people travel around in buses and trains. The new update on Google Maps is meant for you. Google seems to be rolling out a notification feature for huge transit delays and it is customizable. Users will be able to check the Subway status through the Maps app and turn on/off notifications regarding any delays on their favorite lines.

Like the Wi-Fi Only mode, these notifications are not available on all Google Maps accounts but expect the feature to be here sooner than later. In order to get the new features up and running on your phone, you need to install at least v9.32 of the Maps app, however, this is only confirmed for the Wi-Fi only feature.

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