Google Partners with Netflix Show ‘Stranger Things’ to Promote Google Allo – its AI Equipped Messenger Service

Google allo netflix

Google is trying its best to get more users for Google Allo, the company’s AI equipped messenger service, by jumping on to ‘Stranger Things’ a popular show on Netflix.

Google jumps on to Stranger Things

Google is making every attempt to increase the number of users of Allow, which is a messenger service of the company powered by Artificial Intelligence. Google has now jumped on to Stranger Things, a popular show on Netflix. It has tied up with the show for Halloween, with sticker packs and a scavenger hunt that is assisted by artificial intelligence.

Google allo netflix

What is Stranger Things?

If you have not watched the popular show on Netflix, it is a science fiction show that takes place around the 1980s. The story is about Eleven, a supernatural character and the soundtrack is the best ever among television series. The stickers offered on Allow offer all the popular characters of the show, along with phrases from it that could fit a conversation that users have in their daily life. In order to make use of this sticker pack, you must install the latest version of the app Allo and find another person who uses the same app.

How it Works

For instance, if a user is in New York today and wants to take part in the hunt, they have to ask the Google Assistant the question ‘Where is Barb’. Barb is one of the characters of the show Stranger Things, who has disappeared. You will then be shown the location where you can see a sticker that instructs the user to use his powers in the messenger service, Google Allo. The AI can also tell users where they can find a mind controlling vending machine, by dropping suggestion chips on a tap. This will then direct the user to a new location of Google Maps. If a user gets lucky, he or she can even win amazing prizes like a Pentax camera or BMX bike and so on.

Stranger Things Stickers

Users can also download stickers of the show Stranger Things, where the artwork is inspired from the Netflix show. Google is doing all this in order to make more users download and use the app Allo. This is because many people out there are not even aware of the existence of the new messaging service.

Google allo

Allo Assistant

Google Allo is a messaging service that comes with an Assistant bot that is built in the app. The bot can offer information to the user directly or even when the user is having a conversation with friends. The Assistant will offer suggestions on movies or restaurants that you can visit, information on weather and lots more.

Additional Features in Allo

Apart from the new treasure hunt possibilities and the stickers inspired by Stranger Things, users of the app can now access several other new features. For instance, they can reply to a message directly from the notifications. They no longer need to open the application to do this.  Some new Nougat features have also been added to Allo, such as the split screen and shortcuts for applications. Those using an iPhone can add doodles to photos prior to sharing these with their friends.

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