Motorola Offers $150 Discounts on Moto Z Line-Up; Takes on Samsung

Motorola Moto Z

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 going out of the market is a huge advantage for other manufacturers like Motorola that has planned to offer great discounts on Moto Z series. 

Apple has been branded as the significant benefactor of this absence, as several prospective Galaxy Note 7 buyers are reported to have switched to the new Apple iPhone 7. Other manufacturers are looking to take advantage of this absence by offering significant discounts on their models even if they are new. Motorola seems to be one of them, as they have just announced a whopping $150 discount on some new phones like the Moto Z.

Motorola Moto Z

They have also been quite vocal about wooing prospective Galaxy Note 7 customers, as they have advised those players to look past the seven. However, this is not the first time Motorola has directly targeted Samsung. They came out with a “Skip the Sevens” promotion back in September when the Galaxy Note 7 problems just started to surface. Since then, the phone has completely been taken out of production and existing devices being replaced with either Samsung products or with a full refund.

The latest discount offers on the Moto Z, Moto Z Force, and Moto Z Play will be a significant attempt at taking a slice of the Galaxy Note 7 sales. These three devices have many features in common as a result of belonging to the same line-up. However, Motorola brings some crucial differences in order to separate the trio. The Moto Z is for the style conscious buyers and it comes in at just 5.2 mm in terms of thickness – making it one of the thinnest smartphone in the world.The Moto Z Force and Moto Z Play are far more attuned towards average smartphone buyers who value features like battery life and performance over style.

Moto Z

All phones come with the same 5.5 inch display with super AMOLED technology making them almost similar to the Galaxy Note 7 in this regard. For users who want the high resolution display like the Samsung device, the Moto Z and the Moto Z Force with their QHD screens are a perfect fit. The Moto Z Play, meanwhile, is oriented towards better battery life with its 1080p screen. Cameras ranging from 13 megapixels to 21 megapixels are offered on these devices. The Moto Z Play is the lowest in terms of performance with a snapdragon 625 processor while the remaining two carry a very powerful snapdragon 820 chipset.

It seems that the Moto Z promotion is set to be available only in the United States.

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