Google Photos Gets a Significant Update with the Arrival of Auto-Rotate Function and More Features

Google Photos Update

Google Photos has been updated with a few significant features which include four new key functions.

Though three features have been concentrated on just the sharing and viewing of photos and videos, the fourth feature is the most significant AI-powered Auto-rotate function, which will ensure that the users will no more have to look at their pictures on their sides. As Google has introduced unlimited Photo Storage for the new Pixel and Pixel XL phones, and which can also be availed by those Android users who have side-loaded the unlimited storage feature which compromises on the quality, though, will not have to worry anymore about managing storage of photos and data. And so to manage so much data, a retrospective feature on the lines of Facebook has been introduced by Google where it says that it will make the users look back at their fondest memories. Moreover, there is more to be discovered.

Google Photos Update

Create GIFs

One of the highlighted features of the new update is the ability of Google Photos to make animations and create GIFs from the videos. While the animations can be made by the application using the photos also, but it won’t have the same effect as those made from the videos. So to solve this issue, Google Photos will now be able to create short animations which can be shared easily on social networks and instant messaging services. The application will search automatically for a particular segment of a video, especially the part which has recorded a lot of activity and will create the short animations.

Google Photos make animations and GIFs

Rediscover Old Memories

Google Photos has been updated by the developers to deliver another improvement which involves rediscovering old memories of the people who are present in the photos that have been captured recently. This way, it will become easier when it comes to searching for those old memories, especially when there is a large photo library and unlimited storage.

A Card Showing Recent Highlights

Google Photos will now make it easier to view most of the highlights from the photos that have been captured recently. For example, if the user has clicked many pictures in the past month, then Google Photos may send a card occasionally which will have the highlights of the best photos on it.

Google Photos Recent Highlights


Most of the smartphones have sensors which help in identifying a photo if it is in the landscape mode or the portrait mode and will save them accordingly. However, these sensors are not perfect always and the pictures will need to be rotated with the correct side up. Though rotating these pictures is easy, it becomes a huge task when there are many pictures to be rotated. To solve this issue, the new AI-powered feature of Auto-rotation has been introduced which is probably the most significant function of this update. The application by using the Assistant tab will scan all the photos in an album and will recognize the pictures that have been saved sideways in the photo collection. A card will be sent by Google Photos, which will help in easily putting back the picture with the right side up.

Google Photos Auto Rotate Function

This intuitive feature has been introduced by Google to help the users in saving some time and also organize their photos more efficiently.

There is nothing to be done manually by the users to use these features other than just updating the Google Photos to the latest version. Otherwise, the machine learning in the app will do all the work. The cards will show up automatically in the Assistant tab of Google Photos when they are ready. All these four new features are available on the latest updated version of Google Photos for the iOS, Android, and web-based platforms.

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