5 Privacy Related Windows Settings to Obtain a Secure Experience from Windows 10 with Less Invasion

Here are five Windows 10 settings that are connected with Privacy, which can offer users a more secure experience on their computers.

Usage Data and Ads Problems

Windows 10 settings

Windows 10 now runs on more than 400 million computers, but it is plagued by several privacy problems. This includes the compulsory diagnostic report and usage data report to the Microsoft Company. There is also plenty of irritating ads spread all over the Windows 10 platform.

Don’t Let Cortana Know You

Cortana is the virtual assistant and she will ask to know you by the way in which users interact with the device, namely the speech and typing patterns and so on. This allows Windows 10 to get other information, such as contacts and calendar as well as location and the user browsing history.Windows 10 Cortana

If you prevent Cortana from knowing you, it is not possible to use the voice dictation while speaking to Cortana, but all your personal information will be removed. Go to Settings and then Speech and click on Stop Getting to Know You.

Turning Off Location

Those using smartphones, laptops and tablets might have allowed Windows 10 and other apps to access their location. However, don’t leave the location on all the time. When the location is on, Windows 10 stores the history for one whole day and apps having the permission can access the data. But if you switch off the location, Maps will not be able to locate you. The answer is to set the default location manually, so that apps can use it as a form of stand in.

Windows 10 Turning Off Location

Don’t Sync

When users sign in with the Microsoft account, the settings are synced over several devices, as they use the same account. Even the passwords are synced along with notifications. By turning off syncing, the settings and the passwords will no longer be synced with other devices that you sign up with using the Microsoft account.

To do this, go to Settings and access the Accounts Sync. Users can turn off the setting sync altogether or do each one individually. For notification sync, users must access Cortana and go to Settings to turn of the sending of notifications from one device to another.

Locking down the Lock Screen

The lock screen can have a lot of information that you may want to keep from prying eyes. Ensure that notifications don’t appear on your lock screen. Go to Settings and access the System notifications and actions. Here, you can turn off the notifications on your lock screen. However, you will have to unlock the device in order to see notifications the next time. You can also turn off Cortana in your lock screen, but you cannot use Cortana when the computer is locked. It is, however, possible to limit Cortana’s scope without turning it off completely.

Windows 10 Turning Off Ad ID

Turning Off the Ad ID

Microsoft collects information about the user with the help of the unique Ad ID, in order to offer a personalized advertisement experience to users across various platforms. Turn them off by moving to the Settings and then Privacy and General and turn off the option allowing apps to use the advertising ID to offer an experience across various apps. However, ads will no longer be personalized for you.

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