Google Photos 2.0 for iOS Allows the Users to Counterpoise and Share Live Photos


It is a sure delight for the users to know that Google has now updated its very own photo app for iOS to Google Photos 2.0 version.

Just a few months back in June this year there was an app called “Motion Stills” that was launched by Google. This app was helpful in fixing the shakes that were seen in the iOS Live Photos. Google has planned of bringing the same functionality to its very own Google Photos app version 2.0 with a new update.

google photos 2.0

Google’s standalone app Motion Stills allows the users to enhance their Live Photos and create non-shaky gif images that are easy to share. The feature for advanced stabilization also lets the user create images that are moving but with a frozen background, or even wide-pan shots or shoot videos which give a cinematic and true-to- life feel to it. Isn’t it amazing! All these features from Motion Stills app can be now found  in Google’s very own Photo app of version 2.0. However, the users who will require advanced editing features will still have to download the Motion Stills app.

Here is Everything the Users can do With the Updated Google Photos 2.0

The new update for Google Photos makes it very easy to share the user’s videos directly up on the YouTube app. Once a Live Photo has been edited, the video can be exported to the user’s camera roll by using Google Photos. Henceforth, the user can now share all those tiny dinky GIFs with friends who possess Android devices too.

These new updated features are a result of extensive work from the Google Research Team, which uses advanced stabilization theorems and algorithms that also work offline. Therefore, introducing these new features to Google Photos will make it more accessible to a wide range of audience.


There are few more additional features which come along with the new updates for Google Photos 2.0. These updates incorporate features which allow the user to sort out the photos in an album in a chronological manner. The users can also choose brand new photo thumbnails for the friend’s faces in the People tab.

The new update for Google Photos 2.0 is now available at the Apple App Store. It will be soon available even for the Android and web versions of Google Photos sometime very soon.

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