iOS 10 Offers Spam Protection for Truecaller and Other New Features


Apple recently announced at its event that the iOS 10 will be releasing on September 13th.

It is expected for sure that the new iOS 10 will bring along quite a number of new features. These new features might include a revamped Control Center, new notifications, and improved Photos app. The new OS is going to bring loads of opportunities for the developers and bountiful goodies for the software engineers with the inclusion of iMessages and Siri. There is another important but a lesser known addition, the CallKit extension. This feature is an extension that is offered to the third-party developers to provide their apps with more access to their call management system. This initiative has been taken by Apple with the aim fighting against spam calls. As expected, Truecaller, which is a popular caller ID firm has extended its support to Apple and has sprung in on this extra access to enforce the features that have been so far missing on its iOS app.


What iOS 10 Has to Offer for Truecaller

Truecaller has reportedly announced that with the release of the new iOS 10, the company’s iPhone based app will be now able to automatically detect all the spam calls more efficiently. Due to the restrictions that were imposed earlier by iOS, Truecaller had provided only limited features to the users who used its iPhone app. The most important features that were missing were a real-time protection from spam calls and a live-caller ID. With the recent introduction of the CallKit Extension, Truecaller will offer spam call protection to the iPhone users also, helping them in dealing with a less number of undesired calls. However, a Live caller ID facility is still not available.

A spokesperson from Truecaller reported that it was indeed a proud moment for the company to be working so closely with Apple in the past few months and for working on a solution to provide safe and authenticated calls for iPhone users. In the early testing phase itself, the company reported more than 50 percent increase in spam call detection rates on the iPhone. This was gradually improved to 90 percent of all the spam calls made to the Truecaller users.

Another new addition that has been made to the iPhone app for Truecaller is the “My Block List” feature. This feature will allow the iPhone users to effectively block and also manage the calls which they would want to receive. This update is expected to be out very soon and will work only on the iPhone devices that run on the iOS 10 software. The iPhone users will have to manually enable the Call Blocking and Identification feature from the mobile’s Settings tab. The users can do this heading to the “Settings” tab, click on the “Phone” option there and then enable the “Call Blocking and Identification” feature.

In May 2016, Truecaller had updated its iOS-based app to bring in the Live Caller ID feature to iPhone. But this had partial functionality, in the sense that the users could see any information regarding the caller only if he/she is also a Truecaller user. However, the Android version of the app gives the user all the information of the caller regardless of the latter using Truecaller.


Just two months prior to this new announcement, Truecaller had introduced a built-in dialer within its iOS app, which allows the user to make a call without having to leave the app. Another new feature which was also introduced is the Smart Call History, which replaces all the unknown numbers with photos and names. The last new addition is the Availability feature, which when enabled allows the users to check if the person to whom you are making a call is available to talk or not.

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