Google Pixel 2 Concept Teaser gives us a Glimpse of the all-new Design the Pixel Successor could Feature

Google Pixel 2 Better Processor

Google has made its name in the smartphone industry by selling affordable smartphones that are powered by premium hardware specs and stock Android OS.

Other than their affordability, the Google Nexus phones had become the darlings of many people just because of their pure Android experience. However, when the search engine giant took to the stage to announce the successors to the 2015 Google Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P, many were surprised with what happened.

Rather than name two new Nexus phones, the search engine giant unveiled the Google Pixel and Pixel XL. This, by design, was an effective confirmation that the Google Nexus family was no more. Many were impressed with the design, specs, and features of what was Google’s first step into the hardware market – we were too. Other than the scant availability of the Google Pixel and Pixel XL, these two phones are a dream come true for those who had wished for a time that Google will release a stock Android device that is able to match or beat the iPhone.

For a long time, Samsung had been the main threat to Apple’s iPhone but due to its customized software experience, it meant many did not fall for it. But when the Google Pixel came in, albeit sporting an iPhone-ish design language, things changed. Given that this was the first try, Google may be forgiven for this “borrowed” design and other hardware issues the Pixel has faced since its inception. Perhaps it’s why Concept Creator, the brain behind the latest video concept teaser, has some really nice ideas about what the Google Pixel 2 could actually look like.

As noted, it’s a video teaser and not an actual Google Pixel 2 phone. Concept Creator dreams of a phone that features an all-metal design and doesn’t drift away from the design of the original Pixel, but the back gets a dual-lens camera this time around. We’ve seen quite a number of OEMs make this move, with Apple among them, and as such, it would make perfect sense for Google to match this path as well.

Recently, there have been rumors suggesting that Google has three devices in the making and all of them will use the Snapdragon 835 SoC. In fact, we’ve already seen benchmarks of one of these devices codenamed Taimen and so far, this flagship chipset will be paired with 4GB RAM and as expected, the software on board will be Android O.

In addition to debuting a dual-lens camera, the Google Pixel 2 is also expected to ship with an IP68-rated body for dust and water resistance, a feature that has become mainstream for flagship phones – and some midrangers like Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 and A7 2017.

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