Microsoft Xbox One Gets Instant Indie Collection, Volume 5 with 3 Titles

Instant Indie Collection

Indie games have a strong fan following and some of them are amazing gems that you just can’t miss.

Ever since launch, Microsoft has given ample importance for indie titles on the powerful Xbox One console.

The console is more than capable of handling AAA titles like Battlefield 1 or Titanfall 2. However, playing fun filled smaller games are something you can enjoy throughout the weekend and feel satisfied when it finally comes to an end. These indie titles never have superb graphics or huge open world to play for months. Instead they focus on small world where you are a simple character with an objective that could be completed within a couple of hours.

Instant Indie Collection Volume 5

Microsoft in the official blog announced the Instant Indie Collection Volume 5 which has three games in it. The pricing of the bundle might vary from one region to another. You can head to the official store to find the pricing in your currency and it is expected to be somewhere around $25 or less. The first in the bundle is Human Fall Flat which is an open ended physics based puzzle. The game is all about exploring the cute little world they have constructed which is similar to Bioshock infinite.

The game doesn’t feature anything on the ground but rather the entire exploration is done in floating landscapes. Each puzzle gets challenging as you progress and the idea is to come out of the world by solving them all. It is up to the player to use the physics based world and their solving skills to win each round. If such a genre is not your best pick, you can go for Manual Samuel which is a fun loving game. The game revolves around a millionaire Samuel’s life who has so much cash but he’s dead right now.

Instant Indie Collection

The game’s level is very simple. Samuel is given a chance by death that he could once again live if he is ready to do all his daily work without using any help. The third game in the Instant Indie Collection Volume 5 on Xbox One console is The Little Acre. In this game, a strong storyline prevails and should keep you busy for days to come as a character named Aidan explores a strange world. He is lost there and it is up to his daughter Lily to find and save him. The game looks very beautiful with cartoon like graphics all hand drawn and is voiced by people that lends a touch of realism to it.