Google Pixel 2 countdown – 6 things Google needs to change in order to outdo other OEMs

Google Pixel Launcher

When compared to the Google Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X, no one can doubt the fact that the Google Pixel and Pixel XL are major upgrades over their predecessors.

At last, Google was able to stamp its authority not only on the software side of things but also in the hardware business. If you ask me, the Google Pixel phones look like a grown Nexus family that enhanced the company’s fight with the Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPhones of this world.

It’s true that the Pixel phones haven’t enjoyed the best shipping rates compared to the iPhone 7 or even Galaxy S7, for instance, but this was mainly hampered by the shortage in supply on Google’s end. So, with rumors of the next Google Pixel 2 showing up almost every day, many are getting ready for the next big thing from the tech giant, with expectations that it will be something much better than the inaugural models. In order to achieve this feat, we have quite a number of changes or rather additions that we feel Google needs to make in order to reach the same heights as the Galaxy S8, Galaxy S7 or iPhone 7.

Expandable storage

One major reason why Android will always remain ahead of iOS devices is the support for expandable storage. While this is a major selling point for many Android devices, Google doesn’t make use of it. Today, there’s little to support the argument against microSD cards because technology has really improved, eliminating the idea that expandable storage leads to sluggish performances. In short, it’s about time Google leads the way in terms of expandable storage with the upcoming Pixel 2 handsets.

IP68 dust and water resistance

If Google is serious about taking the crown of Samsung and Apple, a dust and water resistant Pixel 2 is inevitable. The original Pixel phone had no support for this feature, but the competition has it. It’s true that we don’t use our phones in water, but accidents do happen. In cases of the latter, having IP68 certification on the Pixel 2 would be a killer. Even though this won’t make the phone unique, it will at least tick one of the many boxes that drive Samsung Galaxy phones’ sales higher.

Dual cameras

Last year, Google proved that you don’t need to a dual camera setup in order to produce the best shots. However, imagine if the same OEM would work out a dual-lens setup with more or the same performance as the Pixel phones? Well, it’s our wish that the Google Pixel 2 becomes the company’s first to debut this feature as it would also make sense given the current market trends. Apple already has it and word on the street claims that Samsung Galaxy Note 8, which will debut at about the same time as the Pixel 2, will also ship with this feature.

Google Pixel vs Samsung Galaxy S8

Wireless charging

A few years ago, everyone was looking for a phone that supports fast charging technology. Today, people want phones that add fast wireless charging to this feature. It’s true this is not a necessity, but for a phone that will set you back over $650, having such a feature would help justify the price tag. Besides, not having to carry around cables would be a cool thing for Google Pixel 2 owners, just like it already is for Samsung Galaxy S8 users.

Sleeker design (thinner bezels)

Someone will be quick to wonder what the latest obsession with thinner bezels is all about. But to be honest, having a device that looks like the current Pixel phones or rather the HTC U11 and Sony Xperia XZ series for that matter is so 2015! If Google wants to compete with the likes of Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6, shedding off some of those bezels, especially the top and bottom, is something worth considering.

Address stock issues

As noted earlier, the sales figures of the Google Pixel and Pixel XL are hard to justify the fact that the two are great phones. However, this is not because people didn’t want to buy the phone, it’s because the demand overwhelmed Google all throughout. In order to enjoy better sales with the Google Pixel 2, a drastic change to this is needed. Google needs to step up its production lines to ensure that there are enough of these Pixel 2 phones in stores, otherwise, getting near the likes of Samsung and Apple’s figures will still be a dream.

What do you think about these Google Pixel 2 additions/changes? Let us know in your comments below.

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