Microsoft Explains How Minecraft Pocket Edition Servers Work


The E3 2017 event had an important space for Minecraft series because Microsoft now owns the company and has so much amazing things to show off.

They not only confirmed that the game is going to become completely cross platform but also confirmed dedicated servers and a 4K version of the title.

No average gamer would have ever imagined that this particular title would receive the super duper texture pack the developers announced at the E3 2017 event. Microsoft took the game to a whole new level making it a surprising new addition for most gamers with a powerful PC or those who would be willing to purchase the Xbox One X console. They also confirmed that the Minecraft Pocket Edition on phones will no longer be known by that name.

Minecraft Pocket Edition

Instead, the decision to unify all games and allow gamers to compete with one another led to the new name Minecraft. The game will be simply known as Minecraft on all platforms irrespective of the type of servers or the way they look. In a new blog, the team discussed on the way the dedicated servers would work for the smartphone edition of the game. There are two different things that they discussed about. One of them is realms and another is servers. Both of them are different because Realms refer to private, cloud hosted worlds which will be directly monitored by Microsoft.

The Realms are a paid service by the company while the Servers are run by community and is open for anyone who likes to join. The way they operate is quite different and it also applies for anyone playing Minecraft on their mobile device. The servers are where players can go to explore the map in a co-op experience besides a lot of other things including PvP game modes, competitive builds besides coming up with new creative ideas to further develop the world.


The problem of using a keyboard and mouse combo continues to plague Minecraft once again because some opine it could imbalance the game and not allow those on a touchscreen to win or build things easily. The servers will automatically read the level of the gamer and make sure they are paired up with those on the same level even though it will not take the choice of gaming platform into account. The servers will soon be available which is when a detailed review of the cross-platform Minecraft is expected.

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