Google Pixel 2 Rumors: Better Processor, Waterproof, Sport Enhanced Camera and More

Google Pixel 2 Waterproof

The Google Pixel 2 rumors come on the heels of the first Google Pixel released last year, considered as one of the top quality smartphones for the year 2016.

2017 has just begun and the murmurs regarding the next generation Pixel phone, the Google Pixel 2, has started doing the rounds. Reports from the 9to5Google claim that the Google Pixel 2 will offer a more powerful phone compared to the original Pixel device.

Google Pixel 2 Waterproof

Enhanced Features

The report on 9to5Google refers to some internal sources, while citing that Google has been testing many versions of the upcoming Pixel 2 smartphone. One of the versions is being called as the Pixel 2B. The Google Pixel 2B will supposedly be the more basic version of its flagship counterpart. The Pixel 2B is being targeted at new markets.

Waterproof Features

According to the report, the upcoming Pixel 2 will have waterproof features. This is a feature that is commonly found in most of the flagship smartphones these days. However, the waterproof feature was not present on the original Google Pixel released in 2016. The upcoming Pixel 2 will come with a certification of IP67 or IP68 for waterproofing. This means that the phone can be dipped in water up to a depth of 1 to 1 ½ meters for a half an hour. In another news, it was reported that the S8 from Samsung Galaxy as well as the iPhone 8 would come with the highest rating for water resistance.

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According to Stephen Hall, the author the above report, he has claimed on Twitter that he has news about the Google Pixel 2 definitely being waterproof. This doesn’t seem very surprising, as most of the competition comes with this feature.

Processor and Other Specs

The prototypes of the upcoming Google Pixel 2 are reportedly being tested with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 83X chipsets, with others being tested with the Intel chipsets. Several models of the upcoming device are in the process of testing with Snapdragon and Intel chipsets. Originally, Google had planned on collaboration with MediaTek. However, it has recently been reported that MediaTek is not involved with Pixel 2 production any longer.

There is not much news about the screen display, as of now.

Camera Enhancements

The Google Pixel phones have been known for their excellent cameras, so it is likely that Google will offer some enhancements on the camera of the new Google Pixel 2 smartphones. It is expected that Google will not enhance the megapixels, but will rather enhance the photography features in low light conditions, according to the report.

Google Pixel Camera Enhancements

Price Increased

As for the price, it is tipped that the Google Pixel 2 will be priced about $50 more than the original Pixel device in case of the higher end device, whereas the lower budget end variant will be considerably cheaper. So, it seems that the Pixel 2 will surely not be a budget friendly smartphone. However, if the phone comes with the latest features and is faster with a waterproof feature as well as improved processor, the increase in the price might not be a problem with customers.

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