Some Google Pixel 2 users on T-Mobile are experiencing problems with SMS

Google Pixel 2 vs iPhone 8

The release of the Google Pixel 2 has been marred by both hardware and software issues, especially with respect to the bigger Pixel 2 XL handset.

For the few weeks the phones have been around, the Pixel 2 XL has been all over the headlines, but for the wrong reasons. It’s true the phone is still the best for those looking for a pure Android experience and a guarantee of 3 years of software updates, however, you may have to learn to deal with a number of issues affecting the phone.

While Google Pixel 2 XL stories have been all over the web, not much has been said with respect to the smaller Pixel 2. Not because it doesn’t have its own issues, but because its issues are not as vast as the XL. There have been reports of clicking sounds coming from the speakers, but Google has promised a software update that will take care of this problem.

In addition to this clicking sound, it now appears that some users of the Google Pixel 2 on T-Mobile are having issues with SMS. Apparently, whenever an SMS comes in, one has to download it and this takes forever. This mostly happens with picture messages, be it in private or group chats. While some people who have had issues with delayed MMS when using Wi-Fi solved the problem by simply turning Wi-Fi off, this isn’t working for everyone.

There are also those who turned to Textra and set the MMS behavior to Legacy while at the same time turning on “T-Mobile Wi-Fi fix” and so far so good, but as expected, this is also not working for everyone. It’s also possible that this is as a result of enabled Wi-Fi Calling, which some Google Pixel 2 users say disabling helps solve the problem.

In short, there is no known solution to this SMS issue on T-Mobile’s Google Pixel 2, but it should be out sooner or later. Since it’s not consistent, it might take longer for T-Mobile to acknowledge the issue, but I hope it does so sooner than later.

Are you having SMS issues on your Google Pixel 2 on T-Mobile? Let us know in your comments below.

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