Google Pixel Camera Almost the Best But Just About – The Beginning of a New Chapter for Google Phone Cameras

Google Pixel Camera

While checkout the cameras of the iPhone 7, S7 Edge and Google’s Pixel phones, it seems that the Pixel Camera is almost the best one, but the difference is rather close.

What’s Lacking?

One of the features lacking in the Pixel cameras is the low light condition. In case of the iPhone and S7, you will see both noise reduction and noise being evenly distributed in low light conditions, but in case of the Pixel camera, the images have scattered patches.

Google Pixel Camera

Auto HDR+

Google Pixel cameras come with the Auto HDR+ and it is recommended to leave it on. The mode, however, brings up garish pictures in daylight. However, unlike the iPhone and the S7 Edge, the Auto HDR+ mode happens to be the core functionality of its camera and not just another feature. Marc Levoy, the computational photography head, sounds very proud of the Auto HDR+ and what it can do in low light conditions, even without OIS that is not present in the Pixel phones.

Difference in Pictures

While using the Auto HDR+ function in the Pixel cameras, it has been noted that the difference between the results on Pixel phones and the others is not very much. However, the Pixel cameras are able to capture greater detail in case of highlights as well as shadows.


There is no optical image stabilization feature in the Pixel cameras, but according to Levoy, the phone is fine, as it can take several shorter exposures that are later merged. However, this works well only for those with a steady hand. The Auto HDR+ feature is quite impressive in low light conditions, though it cannot be said to be a winner all the time.

Pixel Auto HDR+

Low Light Performance

In short, the Pixel camera does offer great performance in low light conditions and is better than the competition in some respects. However, the Auto HDR+ feature is a little inconsistent in bright daylight, as the mode gets activated whenever you open the application, in spite of turning it off. However, the approach is novel and Google could be able to do much more with its cameras in the future.

So which is Better?

To come to the question of which is the better camera of the iPhone 7, the S7 Edge and Google Pixel phones, it an be said that they all have fantastic cameras. However, the Pixel camera is just that tiny bit better than the others. Selfies taken on the Pixel cameras are surely the best choice, with a wider angle allowing you to get more into the picture without having to stretch your arm. Even selfies in low light conditions come out sharper and more brightly lit on the Pixel cameras.

iPhone 7, S7 Edge and Google Pixel

Breaking Conventions

Google broke the convention this year with the introduction of Pixel phones and ending the Nexus line. All the Nexus phones had very good cameras, but the Pixel is the best ever seen on a smartphone. That being said, Apple’s iPhone 7 and 7 Plus cannot be disregarded. The new iPhones bring in the dual camera setup and also offer a portrait mode, which is a game changer by any standards.

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