TV – Apple’s new TV application Offers Another Home Screen – A Half Step but an Important One for Apple TV

Apple TV App

Apple has brought in a new television application on Apple TV, called TV. What it really offers is another home screen rather than an application.

The release is scheduled for some time later on this year.

Apple TV

An App Frontend

On opening the app, you can see a list of shows as well as movies that can be watched, according to the services that the user has subscribed to. However, if the apps are not installed, you cannot see it. It thus offers a front end to applications and is not to be considered as a service by itself. In addition, you cannot find any Netflix content as yet, though Apple claims that Netflix is not here yet and partners will soon sign up for the app.

How it Works?

Users can click on a movie or any show to open up the Apple TV screen displaying all the applications in which the particular show is playing. You can pick one of the apps of your choice and it will start playing. However, there is some confusion in this aspect, as the new TV application does not play the show, so by hitting the menu when playing a video, you will go back to the HBO Now app or the Showtime app and so on. The home button on its remote control has been changed to take users back to the new TV app. However, it does not have the memory of where the user left off, so you go back to the beginning of the interface again.

Single Sign On

For those having cable subscription, there is a single sign on feature, whereby users can authenticate applications, such as HBO Go. With these credentials, users can access all other applications that the provider supports, such as FX or Watch ESPN and so on. Apple is planning to put the collections of all applications supported by different providers, such as Comcast or Verizon.

Note a Dream App

However, the new TV app is not offering the dream of merely opening the application, signing in and finding all content for watching. It’s just not that simple, but you can make it work like the cable box by downloading sufficient number of apps.

Messy Half Step

All in all, it can be said that the app feels a little messy, as it seems to be a half step offering something in between a collection of video applications and one streaming television service. However, the half step is an important one, as Apple TC can now become a device for video browsing.

Apple TV App

Debut of Television Guide

The news of the new Apple ‘TV’ app was considered quite boring by many viewers awaiting a glimpse of the latest MacBook Pros to be revealed at the recent Apple event. However, it is an important step for Apple, as the new app will allow users to track favorite movies or shows across video applications and across the Apple television platform. The app offers an excellent showcase of content from various video providers all available in one view, which makes it easy for owners of Apple TV to find different kinds of content for watching on their television sets.

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