Google Pixel, Pixel XL Not Made By Google, Leaked Code Confirms HTC’s Involvement

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According to what Google would want us to believe, the Pixel and Pixel XL are its own creations. The company has focused on advertising the two phones with the tag “Made by Google” indicating that it built everything about the phone from scratch, both hardware and software.

HTC is believed to be the original design manufacturer (ODM), but Google insists it took care of everything else regarding the Pixel and Pixel XL phones. There is still a lot that has not been clarified with respect to these phones, especially when it comes to finding out whether HTC was indeed involved in the making of the Pixel phones or not.

But in a new piece of evidence that has mistakenly made its way to the public’s eye, it seems the Taiwanese tech giant some part to play in making these two Google Pixel and Pixel XL phones. As opposed to the belief that HTC was only but the ODM, it seems the company also had some part to do as far as developing the software that runs on the phones is concerned. This is a surprise given that Google is usually tasked with the role of creating software while other OEMs take care of the hardware part. This has been the case ever since the Nexus brand came to life, but things have been changing with the introduction of Chromebooks as well as the Google Pixel C tablet – all of which are built by the search engine giant from scratch – both hardware and software.

Courtesy of an error by an HTC engineer, it is evident that HTC was part of building the code and apparently, this is not the end of the HTC code in the Pixel and Pixel XL software.

Someone might be asking why Google will go all through this hassles just to show the world that it made the Pixel and Pixel XL phones without going for a third-party OEM. Well, for starters, Google is positioning itself as a serious competitor to the iPhone, which according to Apple, is “Designed by Apple in California.” However, we all know that Foxconn does all the dirty work as Apple takes care of the software part. From a marketing perspective, Google is just doing what has brought Apple such huge success with the iPhone series.

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Even though the Nexus lineup was not a bad idea, the fact that Google went for third party OEMs, including little-known Chinese OEM Huawei, made the lineup look inferior to the true Apple or even Microsoft phones out there. Tagging the Pixel and Pixel XL as Made by Google is just one step into correcting this mistake.

If this was to be the case, Google should have taken care of everything, right from the design, hardware, and software, but as it appears, HTC was in there too.

So, could this change in name be just a marketing move as opposed to being a real change in the business model? Nonetheless, will the strategy work for Google as it aims to bring down the iPhone? Only time can tell. But what are your thoughts on the same? Share your views in the comments.

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