Report: Apple iPhone 7 Catches Fire and Burns Owner’s Car – Another Galaxy Note 7-Like Fiasco?

Apple iPhone 7

You should be aware of the issues surrounding the exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Well, it seems the Apple iPhone 7 has taken a similar direction, something that leaves us wondering whether this is some kind of smartphone disease or what!

Apparently, a one-week old Apple iPhone 7 of an Australian surfing instructor caught fire while left alone in a car. The instructor had gone for some surfing lessons, leaving the phone wrapped in some pants. When he came back, the instructor, known as Mat Jones, was shocked to see his car filled with smoke. Even though the entire vehicle was not damaged, the place where the phone was resting was left with scenes similar to what Samsung Galaxy Note 7 users had been accustomed to.

According to Jones, the iPhone 7 he was using has not been charged or connected to a PC using a third-party charger. Since the handset is still very new, he also adds that it has not dropped anywhere so far. Even though Apple says that it is already informed of the matter and that it is looking into it to find the cause, nothing concrete has come from the Cupertino Company.

Apple iPhone 7

It is hard to tell what really triggered the iPhone 7 into burning, but we expect to hear from Apple very soon. As a result, it is also early to conclude that this issue could force Apple to recall the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

With this incident, comparisons between the Apple iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy Note 7 have already begun showing up. However, this is quite unfair, considering that this is the only reported case as compared to the millions of Note 7 devices that were recalled. Whether more such cases will show up in future is unlikely, but in case, we will be here to let you know. In addition, we’ll follow up on Apple’s investigations as we seek to know what triggered the fire.

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