Google Pixel vs. Samsung Galaxy S7 – Has Google Finally Realized its Potential?

Google Pixel vs Samsung Galaxy S7

The Nexus successor is finally here and it’s called the Google Pixel. A quick glance at the phone will tell you that this is not the cheap Nexus lineup that many are used to.

Google wants its name to be known in the smartphone world and with the new Pixel and Pixel XL phones, there is no doubt that the search engine giant has got the likes of Samsung and Apple worried. But what should make Samsung, which has arguably the best smartphone in 2016 in the shape of Galaxy S7, be troubled by the new Google Pixel phone?

To find out here is a quick comparison of the Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy S7 – two phones that are expected to battle for supremacy over the coming months.

Design and display

When it comes to design, we’ve seen quite a number of stunning constructions from different OEMs. Each of them has a unique taste, something that makes it a matter of preference when it comes to what you like most. Samsung has recently turned to glass and metal for its flagship designs and this is what you find with the Galaxy S7. The panels are rounded towards the edges, making the phone a nice fit in your hand.

You will come across a metallic build on the Google Pixel as well, but the rear has the upper third made of glass. The finish is equally awesome as it gives the phone a two-tone design at the back. There is IP53 rating on the Pixel and when compared to the IP68 rating of the Galaxy S7, the latter is a clear winner in this aspect. In short, you can bring the S7 to the shower or even take calls when it’s raining, but don’t dare do this with the Google Pixel phone.

Google Pixel vs Samsung Galaxy S7

When it comes to the display, these two are miles apart. Samsung Galaxy S7 wins the battle with its 5.1-inch QHD AMOLED screen that also comes with an Always On feature. The Google Pixel, on the other hand, has a 5-inch Full HD screen with 1080p resolution, but it still an AMOLED panel. This means you get sharper views on the Galaxy S7 as opposed to the Pixel, but there is a lot the latter has yet to prove, among them viewing angles, color representation, among others.

Hardware and software

Both Samsung and Google went for the strongest chipsets in the markets. At the time of releasing the Galaxy S7, the best in the market was Snapdragon 820 and for the Pixel, the best is Snapdragon 821. These are the chipsets you find in these phones alongside the same 4GB RAM and 32GB of storage. However, there is a 128GB option on the Google Pixel, something the Galaxy S7 compensates for with its microSD card slot that can take in up to 256GB.

The Galaxy S7 is powered by a 3000mAh non-removable battery that is charged via a USB-C port and supports fast charging. On the other hand, you get a smaller 2770mAh non-removable unit on the Google Pixel alongside USB-C and fast charging capabilities.

As for the software, there is the latest Android 7.1 Nougat on the Google Pixel as opposed to Android Marshmallow found on the S7. It gets even worse for the S7 as far as updates are concerned, with the Pixel promising timely updates – something that cannot be guaranteed on the Samsung handset.

Camera and price

Samsung Galaxy S7 has been praised for its great photography – something that the Google Pixel is determined to beat. The latter has already received the highest ever rating by DxOMark – 89 – and what this means is that Samsung’s position is under threat, even though it has a score of 88 from the same experts.

Samsung Galaxy S7

There is a 12.3MP snapper on the back of the Google Pixel while the Galaxy S7 has a 12MP snapper in the same position. The front parts have 5MP and 8MP sensors respectively, both of which should deliver great selfies and video calling services.

When it comes to pricing, the similarities are still there, with the Galaxy S7 priced at about $670 for the unlocked variant and the Google Pixel has a slightly lower price tag of $649. The high-end variant of the latter has a market value of $749.

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