Smartphone Games for Casual Gamers from Sony PlayStation Unit – High End Platform to Lure Casual Gamers

Sony PlayStation Unit Games

In a bid to lure the casual gamer to its high-end gaming platform, Sony is releasing five to six mobile phone games very soon.

Release of Games for iOS and Android Platforms

Sony PlayStation unit is planning to introduce at least five or six games for the smartphone platform by the end of March 2018. This is probably an attempt at luring the casual gamer to the high-end gaming platform. According to the Interactive Entertainment Incorporation of Sony, which is unit connected with the PlayStation, the new mobile games would first be released for the iOS OS of Apple Inc. in Japan. Alongside, it would also release the same for the Alphabet Inc., the Android Platform of Google, by Sony’s subsidiary called ForwardWorks.

Sony PlayStation Unit Games

Making Deeper Inroads

This is surely not the first time that the PlayStation has tried to offer games for smartphones, but the previous attempts were not very effective. This time around, it is expected to make greater inroads into the smartphone world. The subsidiary, known as ForwardWorks, was created in the month of April. It is part of Sony’s plan to renew its efforts at pushing the games towards mobile phone users.

A Promising Market

The mobile market has grown to be too huge to ignore any more. Videogames companies, such as Sony, can no longer ignore this market. In fact, there are many casual gamers out there who easily download free games from the PlayStore or the App Store and enjoy them on their mobile phones. This has resulted in slowing down the growth of companies that dedicate hardware to games alone.

Nintendo Co’s Entry\

Nintendo, another big player in high-end gaming, has also suffered losses due to the trend in mobile gaming. The company is also planning to step into the mobile game field, de-emphasizing its consoles in consequence. Nintendo has combined with Apple and is planning to release its iOS game featuring Mario, the Plumber, a famous franchise in the month of December this year. This follows the success of its Pokemon Go, which is a smash hit game developed by Nintendo.

PS4 Struggling

The PS4 is the latest in Sony’s PlayStation offerings. It is doing quite well all over the world and has sold more than 40 million devices after the introduction in the year 2013. However, the units are struggling to sell in Japan and this is significant, because the mobile phone market is three times the market for console games.

Smartphone Games for Casual Gamers

Release and Titles

According to a spokeswoman from Playstation, games for mobile phones would be available from the PlayStation subsidiary in Japan to begin with. This will later be followed by releases in other countries of Asia. At the moment, the US and Europe are not part of their plans.

Currently, there are no specific titles that have been mentioned. However, it is possible that the list will include PS games like Hot Shots Golf and The Last Guardian or even the IQ Intelligent Qube among others.

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