Google Has Plans to Shove a Computer into Your Eye

Google Glass

Google is full of wonders and the latest takes everything you probably know about this company to the next level. But being a tech company, you can expect almost anything to come, however, no one saw this one coming.

According to emerging reports, the search engine giant has some interesting plans. In addition to its desire of seeing you live as long as possible so that it can gather as much information from you as possible and sell it to advertisers, the company now wants to insert a computer into your eye.

This has nothing to do with smart contacts, rather, Google wants to get right into your eye with this new technology. The company has reportedly already filed a patent for this device, which should mean it will be here sooner, probably before the end of this year or early next year.

Surprisingly, the just-revealed patent was filed back in 2014. It has taken the company about two years before going public with the patent. This could be a suggestion that the finer details of the device are now in place and production is now ready. In Google’s view, this device is a mere electronic lens that will be controlled in order to control the general optical power of the gadget. This device will be powered by an antenna capable of harvesting energy.

To take advantage of the power that this electronic lens brings to the fold, enthusiasts will have to go through a daring moment of injecting it into the lens capsule of their eyes – something that doesn’t sound fun whatsoever.

Google Glass

Once the device is shoved into your eye, a bunch of signals can easily be sent from the device, including LTE, NFC as well as GPS. These signals are probably fine to have them inside a human body, but it remains to be unknown for how long this can maintain. Whether Google is looking to improve the visual capabilities of those with vision problems or is simply looking for another way to syphon information from the millions of people who use their services.

Or is it an innovative way of replacing the Google Glass? Only time will tell.

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