Google Play Launches Audiobooks that Works on Google Home Speakers

Google Play Launches Audiobooks that Works on Google Home Speakers

After speculations, audiobooks are now officially available on the Google Play Store.

And it’s great to know that they not only work on iOS and Android devices but can also be listened through your Google Home Speakers while you attend to your household tasks.

Play Store is one of the biggest digital stores where new apps, games and movies get added all the time. While Apple has a stronghold on their App store and doesn’t approve apps so easily, Google is much more lenient in this regard. The company allows all creative companies and content makers to create great games, apps for the Android platform. Besides, the operating system is world’s most widely used platform because phones that run on Android are the cheapest smartphone experience that you could get.

Google Play Launches Audiobooks Works on Google Home Speakers

While Google Play Store was already the go to place for all games, movies, music, apps and eBooks, the brand has officially completed their ecosystem by introducing audiobooks making it the complete experience anyone would expect from a new smartphone or tablet they would buy. The developers left no stones unturned as they have successfully integrated all audiobooks with Google Assistant. It allows you to seamlessly start listening to a book on your phone, continue it on your Google Home speakers while you do chores at home and play it on your Android AutoPlay in your car while on the move.

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The convenience is immense and it is bound to attract millions of users who are already a great fan of the Play Store for the sheer number of stuff it offers with new updates regularly. The audiobook launch is being kicked off with some amazing discounts to attract users onboard and start listening to their content. Titles including Ready Player One sell for $6.99, Fire and Fury goes for $8.99 while Astrophysics for People in a Hurry is up for $7.77.

Google Play Launches Audiobooks on Google Home Speakers

Google has confirmed that all purchased content will have the same Family sharing rules you already have in place for your other media, like movies and music. The company follows Apple’s iBook style allowing you to make purchases without a subscription and it works for Audible books as well. But, Audible owned by Amazon wants customers to go for a full subscription.

Audiobooks on Google Play Store can be listened to at 2x speed, set on timer to switch off automatically and sync on multiple devices. It’s a good start for this new service.

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