Google Play Store Update Brings 8 New Categories – There’s More

Google Play Store

Every Android smartphone comes preinstalled with the Google Play Store, just like with the case of iPhones (App Store) and Windows 10 Mobile phones (Windows Store).

The main reason behind this Google Play Store (and the others) is to give users of these devices direct access to a huge repository of apps that can be downloaded and installed on these devices. This is basically a hassle-free way of accessing whatever app or service you need on your phone.

Ever since its introduction, the Google Play Store has seen quite a good number of updates come its way. In the latest attempt by Google to make the app even more attractive and offer better functionality, the search engine giant has done some design changes. The updated version brings 8 new categories in the Play Store as well as renaming a number of these categories.

The latest efforts are simply but to make everything about app discovery in the Google Play Store as simple as ABC. The new update will now see all apps improve in terms of sorting, something that will help users easily find whatever app they are looking for in the store. The added categories include Art & Design, Beauty, Auto & Vehicles, Dating, Food & Drink, Events, Parenting and House & Home.

Google Play Store

Expect to see big apps such as Uber, Tinder, and even Lyft make moves to these newly created categories while others might be re-categorized by their developers. On the other hand, the update also renamed two categories, namely Media & Video and Transportation. These two will now appear in the updated version as Video Players & Editors and Maps & Navigation, respectively.

The idea of renaming the Transportation section could have stemmed from the fact that different apps could easily have been categorized under this section, yet their offerings are quite different. For instance, the likes of Uber and Lyft could easily be found in the same place as Google Maps and HERE Maps, yet the former are aimed at easing transportation services while the latter takes care of the navigation and mapping part.

Even though this Google Play Store update has already been announced, the company says that it will be taking effect within the next 60 days.

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